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  • Oops

    Think I might be in trouble with OH later as went out to get a couple of things for my card making earlier today and have come back loaded down with new goodies - as I am pretty new to this I only had a limited amount of stuff to start with and now have a book, some stamps and inks, some watercolour pencils, more peel offs, paper, cardstock, diecuts, embellishments and ribbons plus some extra bits and pieces for embossing - yep trouble with a capital T one thinks but I have had such fun trying it all out this afternoon and getting used to how to use it all I now can't wait to get making some more cards tomorrow especially as we have a large number of family and friends with birthdays coming up in the next month - next time I think I will have to set myself a limit though!!!

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    its impossible to set a limit once you start, i had to recently set out a room of my own ( begining to think now i need another 1 lol) good luck trying out all your new stuff


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      I shouldn't worry about it, just think that you can tell your OH that you don't need to go out and get so much next time (though don't let on that you still might get a lot!!!). Enjoy your card making and don't forget to let us see the results!
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        Can you not pretend you had some of it for ages? Lol... my hubby knows I can't go in a craft shop and buy a few things, he expects it now, so much so that if I don't buy much he thinks something is wrong lol!!

        Just think, you can tell OH that with all of your new materials and gadgets you can expand your abilities quicker and being able to offer a wider range will make you more confident in selling your cards.

        Where there's a will there's a way and all that

        Can't wait to see some of your cards!!


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          Oh bless tell OH at least its not SHOES!!!! and making these cards for family and friends will pay for itself in no time. Honestly men do over indulge too think about when your sat in front of that 36" screen tonight when a 32" would have done lolxx

          Have fun and share with us the results piccies please


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            Ooh sounds like you're really hooked shell, like the rest of us starting out with a couple of things in a little box next thing you know you have hundreds of stuff and taking up half a room lol

            It's a great feeling isn't it, unpacking it all and have a play with all your new toys.


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              Hehe, exactly the same happened at our house yesterday and today he has thrown a wobbly about my 'making things' taking over the whole house. There is stuff EVERYWHERE apparrently - I can only see things in 3 rooms of a 10 roomed house though. The solution to the probelm? I am going to spread into every room at least then I will be correctly criticised

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                Glad to hear I'm not alone on this one!!!!

                Am hoping to get some pic's on in the next few days - dont expect too much though am really new to this and have been keeping things simple - am just making bits and pieces to give to family and friends at the moment but hope to eventually be good enough to sell who knows.


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                  LOL i can relate to all of this, i started off with just me pc, printer and some card/envelopes - now i have the spare room as me *office*

                  Good luck with your cards, can't wait to see them
                  Mandy x