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Backs and desk jobs

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  • Backs and desk jobs

    Ive noticed today how much my upper back hurts.
    I have a desk job, sat infront of a screen all day(admittedly not working but mostly doing craft)Ive noticed how Im just hunching my shoulders or leaning on the desk.

    Is this happening to anyone else?
    Are massages any good?

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    In the 'old days', they used to suggest fixing a wooden ruler across the shoulder blades so you couldn't hunch!

    I've tried one of these, seemed very natural and comfortable, but I've yet to buy one!

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      I feel more humphed over the Quasimodo - it is this forum. I sit all day at a desk and am supposed to be working but more times than not I am in here. But my back and shoulders do hurt at the end of the day. I must practice good posture, I must practice good posture, I must practice - ow sod it!!!

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        Sitting for long periods is almost as bad as lifting stuff all day!!
        You shouldn't sit in one position for more than about 40mins, get up and go to the coffee machine!! (tell them i said so!)
        You should also make sure you are sitting correctly ie, with your feet under your knees - no crossed legs!!
        Also a good thing is to have a hollow in your back, you can put a small cushion in the hollow or a rolled up towel - i got one of those tubular shaped pillows that are filled with beans, it's great, i use it when i'm driving a lot.
        Yes massages are good - we got one of those seat massagers from argos, it's like a leather car seat that you put on your normal chair and you just plug it in and away you go!! They're about 60-70pounds but worth every penny!! Of course the hubbie can do as good a job but the electrical one dosn't want anything in return (!)