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  • Easter.....

    .......anyone else decorate their house for Easter?

    I've got loads of Easter decs, although I don't go OTT like I do at Christmas (in a very tasteful way, of course) but I do like to decorate the house a wee bit. I like Easter better than Christmas - I get to decorate without the hassle of spending shedloads of cash on pressies!

    Usually, I can gather branches of blossom, but this year with the warmer weather and everything doing Spring far too early, blossom is nearly finished....

    So.....any ideas as to making an Easter tree that I can store away and use every year? I've tried drying out branches and painting them, but the twigs snap and the paint comes off. I've also seen bendable wire ones that you can buy but £50 is just silly money...

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    Hi Jules,

    Never heard of decorating for Easter - Spring Clean is what I need more like.

    Why don't you make a fabric wall hanging of a tree for Easter. No dropping pin needles, no flaking breaking branches and the talented lady you are should have no problems with that? Put some rabbits and the all important Easter Eggs on it.

    All the best.

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      Thanks for reminding me! I didn't do it last year and I think I would have forgotten. I usually use fresh forsithia branches for the tree - but I've moved now and don't have the plant any more!
      I have a lovely set of painted glass eggs though that really ought to come out and about.
      I'll have a think about a permanent tree solution ... it's a tough one...
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        Couldn't you make your own wire tree? Just a thought then you could dangle some of the decorated eggs you can buy in the shoops off it. I don't bother with decorating the house for Easter. I'm usually away anyway. This year I'll be at home but I still won't be decorating. I just can't do with the trouble of it.
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          I thought about it...

          ...but I think I might visit our local Dunelm. They have loads of artificial flowers etc, and I'm wondering if they might have branches with blossom. If I bought several branches and taped all the stems together, I could maybe fan out the tops to make a tree shape. They are usually bendy wire inside.

          I have loads of egg & easter themed decorations. Some are pale blue duck eggs that I blew, then used glass paints to decorate, some are wooden painted ones, some are bought ones from the shops. I have a load that I bought in Cyprus - Easter is bigger than Christmas in the greek orthodox calender.

          All the decs at Christmas help to brighten the dull cold days of winter, but Easter is a sign of better days to come....once Easter is here, the clocks go forward and Summer isn't far away. If it wasn't for Christmas, I'd hibernate. I'm useless on dark days, hate getting out of bed. But in Summer I can be out gardening at 4am.....

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            I've never thought about decorating my house for a Easter. What a lovely idea though, I love doing it at Christmas. I am having an Easter craft session for my little ones and their friends. I'm starting them young. I already had a fairy and wizard party for them around October half term where they made wands and potion jars. Not sure what to do for my Easter party yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.


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              Decorating for Easter is a huge deal in America - lots of people on the blogs I read have got their decorations organised and up!
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