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    Has anyone out there got any good recipes for 'one pot' meals that can be made in the morning and then heated up at tea time?? Sick of rushing around near tea time making tea - it's a good time to relax and play with the girls before they get too tired! Ideally something that can be whizzed down for Tara too - not a lot to ask I know!!
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    I did make a very good hungarian goulash at Christmas time. It's 1 pot and takes about 2 hours to cook in total... It's very liquidy, so I'm not sure if it's what you want and my recipe book is at home and I'm at work! I'm sure you could heat it up easily if made in advance.
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      Have you tried using a slow cooker? I recently got one and I just don't know how I ever managed without it! It's really easy to put in any type of meat or veg first thing in the morning, leave it on a low setting and it's cooked and yummy ready for tea time. Leaves me free all day to make my soaps!!

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