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  • A Friend in need

    I used to work 4 days a week and had Friday off. On this day I usually spend the day with a really good friend of mine and we put the world to rights...much like we do here ! Since starting the website I decided to cut my hours and have a monday off as well so that I wasn't spending the whole weekend 'working' with my crafts. This day I promised myself, i would spend creating new things. Well it's sods law that since then I haven't had the day to myself at all...everything that could go wrong, now seems to go wrong on a Monday ! Today I have another friend coming round, shes a bit down and I could'nt say no. Think I'll ask for my hours back...
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    It's always the same - you set aside time to do something and it never quite happens - or it doesn't to me anyway!! I'm sure your friend will appreciate you being there though.
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      Do you think if you cut down to working 3 days a week you would maybe get a Tuesday to yourself? Don't think so some how. The best laid plans as they say!!!

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        He he ! I think you're right...Perhaps I should stop planning !
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          You sort of need to look at your crafts as "work" ...

          Working from home is a interesting experience to start with.. It always seems you people think its just like a day off.. BUT if you run a business from home your know that business is business..

          If you have time try doing both .. But if you "Really" want that time to craft your start putting off friends etc..

          Did that make sense ?

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            Yes, It made loadsa sense ! I suppose I've just got to make sure that from now on I stand firm on 'dedicated to my craft time' OR perhaps I could lie and tell everyone I'm going to work-work ! No that will never work...gotta have a good memory !
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              You have hit the nail on the head Mr Media, working from home is really hard to get used to. I took me a while to explain to my friends that just because I am in the house doesn't mean that I am available for visits. I had to put my foot down and say, 'I am working' when I first started Funky Hand as a couple of my friends were home with new babies and as they were bored and at home they thought they could just visit me.
              Thats all stopped now.. they never visit me at all now..because I am 'always working' as I have been informed! It's hard to turn off, I wake up the computer goes on and I am a work.. I go to bed and the computer goes off! I work harder now than I ever did as a Manager in an office..and I though I worked long hours then!!
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