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Warning - hoax bank emails!

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  • Warning - hoax bank emails!

    Over the last week I have received 3 emails from banks, telling me things like 'there is a problem with your account' or we were unable to process a cheque' and asking me to click on a 'sign in' link and enter my sin in and password. if you get anything like this delete it straight away, it is a **** to assess your account details.

    The ones I got were from banks I don't even bank with, so these were obvious, but if they get lucky and email someone who banks with that bank, you could easily be fooled. The emails look very convincing.

    Always remember, your bank would never email you to ask you to sign in or give any bank details! Hope this helps.
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    Ignore ALL email basically..

    Don't ever put your email on your site.. Put a contact form..

    And use 1 email for using on forums, directories, contact forms etc.. And another for business..

    Ebay, paypal and banks should never email you!!!! Always confirm by logging on BUT never never Click on any email links from any bank email..

    Even typing the like of "paypal" into google can take you to a fake site..

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      A few months agao i was recieving a lot of these. Of course i just delete them. Seems eventually they got bored and i don't get them anymore.
      Does your provider have a facility to report these e-mails???


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        Very occasionally paypal or the banks will send emails but the way to tell if they are genuine is that they will NEVER include a link in the email, simple as that I think.
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