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  • Nile Perch

    ...and before you ask, it's a fish! Never heard of it before but was intrigued when I saw it at the market's fishmongers this morning. It looks like tuna but much paler.
    Well, cooked it tonight and it's gorgeous, very meaty and fleshy! I'd definitely buy it again if they have it again.
    I found a recipe online and it said to cook for 3mn on either but the pieces I had needed about 10mn because they were thick, but it wasn't dry at all.

    Anyway if you ever see this fish on the counter, do try it.

    I'm always hopeless to make sauce to go with fish, so if anyone got a nice fish sauce recipe, please share
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    I'd never heard of it....i thought nile perch was some celeb i hadn't heard about who had died when i saw the title
    i love any type of fish so will keep my eyes peeled for it
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