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One heck of a busy weekend coming up.

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  • One heck of a busy weekend coming up.

    This weekend is going to be frantic. Today is my mums birthday and having had my daughter off sick for two days i've got nothing done. I'm going to hijack the car and beetle off to go shopping.
    Disaster 1.
    Noticed this morning as all the kids walked past to school that they were all in non uniform and my daughter is standing by the door in her uniform. AAARRRRGGGHHH! run frantically upstairs and pull some clothes out of her wardrobe. disaster 1 overcome.
    Disaster 2.
    on the way to school realise that i have not written absence note. make mental note to bring one tonight when i pick her up.
    Disaster 3.
    Realise on entering the school gates that the non uniform day is to raise money for comic relief and find that i have not got my purse with me, and further more, there will be a bun stall at playtime. Daughter not amused!
    Anyway, tomorrow is another busy day. i am going with my sister to finalise her choice of wedding dress. So have arranged that daughter goes out with her uncle to be, however my mother, who plans in her head on a regular basis but doesn't think anyone else makes plans has planned to take daughter with her to go and collect some stuff. Obviously, i am not popular.... daughter wants to go out with uncle to be (she has yet to find out if he knows about the sweet shop!) My mum not amused!
    Tomorrow is my parents 40th wedding anniversarry and so I have promissed to decorate the venue (the local hall) discovered that it has been booked in the afternoon tomorrow so cannot decorate until 5pm.
    I'm also seeing a new hair salon (south cave now has 6! and its only got a 4000 populus) to see if they will take my tiaras and ocassion jewellery.
    On a positive note though I have chosen what I am going to wear for the wedding (not till sept.) I am having it custom made to order in India.

    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    Wow! Hope your day is getting better by now.

    An outfit made in India sounds interesting hope we're going to see a piccy of it when it arrives.

    I also have a mother who thinks we are all mind readers don't you just love em.


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      Oh dear..your day can only get better can't it..?!
      Your wedding outfit looks had better be careful not to out do the bride!!
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        Hope the Hairdressers take your tiara's. Let us know how that goes.
        Have a glass of wine (or 3) tomorrow at the party - you deserve it.
        You will look FAB at the wedding. Love the outfit what colour are you having it in?


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          Exactly the same as the picture. I love reds and berry tones and autumn will be on the way!
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            oh that willbe lovely. Hope you re making the jewellery to match!!!


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              Wedding outfit looks gorgeous. I don't think you'll outdo the bride too much... Oh, only this time last year I was planning mine! Hey ho, I remember those dress fitting weekends well...

              Weekends now less hectic for me.

              Have fun organising the family!
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                The outfit is stunning. How does it work with the sizing? do you send them your measurments then they make it to your size or do they go by the standard sizes i.e 10,12 etc.
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                  Last year my mum planned a birthday lunch out for me, gave me the details, changed the plan and forgot to tell me.
                  One birthday girl very late for her own lunch date!
                  Hope your day has calmed down and the salon thing is a success!
                  Try a new way every day and work becomes play!