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That's it I've had enough!

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  • That's it I've had enough!

    I am going home!!! After having to deal with my daughter being sick the past couple of days I have come down with a stinking cold. I can't even take any time off because I feel rotten because I took Monday off to nurse the poor wee lamb and had to leave early yesterday when the school phoned.

    Come on feel sorry for me pleeeeaaasseee. My nose is shining like Rudolph's and my nose is running like a tap, sore throat, headache need I go on!!

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    Take all the rest you need.
    No point in staying at work, feeling bad coz your only going to feel worser if you stay.Go home, get better.Its an order!!

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      Wrap yourself up and relax at home. Or find a little room to closet yourself away in for the rest of the day
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        Look after yourself no one else will you have to have a couple of days off you ll get better much quicker do as your told.


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          Awww Lisa...

          Go home, wrap up, take a hot toddy or something. If you don't look after yourself, you'll be poorly even longer. You need to rest.

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            Thanks for that guys!!

            I got home, took some pain killers, then the kids got in from school and it all started again, dinners, homework, baths. I am sitting here trying to catch 5 minutes peace before I have to begin getting them into their beds.

            I will get wrapped up I promise. I feel awful!!.

            Thanks again you really cheered me up!!

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              Take a week off

              If you feel crap have the rest of the week off a day is not enough to get over it.
              Work will still be there when you get back.
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                You can't win can you. If you go to work everyone moans you're spreading your germs and if you stay home they reckon you dont need time off for a cold. So just please yourself and if you feel like it stay home and pamper yourself while the kids are at school. Anyway hope you are feeling better soon.


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                  Hi All,

                  Thanks you have all cheered me up. I have come into work only because I had to take Monday off to nurse my daughter who was sick.

                  I thought I would head the cold off at the pass and I took a Contact 400 at 3pm. Read you could take 2 a day (missed the fact you are supposed to wait 12 hours between doses) so thought I am really going to get rid of this cold and took a second tablet at 8pm - bad move - it did stop my nose from running for a couple of ours but the new contact 400 is a non drowsy formul - too right I didn't get to sleep all night, I have been tossing and turning in my bed since 8pm.

                  If you need to get rush orders out take 2 Contact 400 and you can work right through the night. Not very good for the stomach though make you feel a bit sick. Needless to say the cold is just as bad as ever but I don't feel the least bit tired (will suffer for it later on I think). I have a craft fair tonight in a local garden centre so I hope I don't end up falling asleep at the stall or worse sniffing and sneazing over everyone. Don't think I would make much sales that way.

                  Once again thanks for keeping my spirits up you are all really great.


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