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  • whatcha upto today?

    Morning everyone, so what's the day got in store for you today? I'm gonna have to go get kids ready for school and get ready for work (if i could just get off the computer). Then when i get home at 6:15pm i'll slap something together for tea. After that i'm going to make 10 birthday cards before settling down to watch desperate houswives at 10pm. No doubt i'll be logged into the forum to so i don't miss anything!
    See you all later.
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    I will be at work from 7am to 2.30pm. Get the kids picked up from school, make tea, make some candles and then fall into my bed - what an exciting life I lead!!

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      Il be doing exactly what I did yesterday(except hopefully without having to book a flight to and find a hotel in Edinburgh).
      Same thing, looking at the same sights, dealing with the same problems,struggling with wether I should buy the beads and the resin I want.

      But gona see a pal tonight and her daughters who I havnt seen for ages, so not all bad.

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        Morning all,
        Today I have three birthday cards to make, four CD orders to process and post out, thirty trade sales calls to make, which I have been putting off and I need to start working on my next CD.
        I am very happy sitting here reading the forum and putting everything of again for another time...
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          Not Much...

          .....woke up with a nedache this morning and a blocked schnozz. Schnozz is clearing slowly, but headache is still persisting. Everyone round here has gone berserk in their gardens while it's been dry & mild. So the nose gets blocked with the resultant polen filled dust.

          Answered shedloads of emails, and now I'm waiting for the postie. Should be Sam's birthday stuff, fabrics from China, Malaysia, US & Canada (they won't all arrive at once, life is never that good) my CL mag, and hopefully, no bills!

          I must put a tote bag together and make a card for my Mum's Mother's Day pressie today - need to post it quickly!

          Himself is in charge of dinner - King Prawns with ginger, lime & spring onions for them but I'm having fish, cos I'm allergic to shellfish. KP's were on offer in LIDL so we bought lots!

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            Doubt I'll get any useful work done today - hubby has a bunch of work collegues arriving tomorrow for two days!! So I've 'volunteered' to feed them, so most of the day in the kitchen I fear.
            Plus, need to reorganise my stock - if I get any time!
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              Today started work at 7.30. I do some work for a charity called Crossroads and i helped a lady with a disability get up this morning. I'm actually working out my notice on that job and can't wait to give it up (been doing it for 11 years) had some good times but want to concentrate on me now!!On my way home stopped by the PostOffice to rescue my Wedding Fairy which I bought from Twilightsewn (nasty postman took her away yesterday when i wasn't here to sign for her) anyway she's Lovely Thanks TS. My friend will love her - make a change from the plastic horseshoes Brides normally get given!!Just had brekkie with hubbie and he's gone off to work. Got the washing on the line, going to take Doggie for a nice sunny walk along the prom - he'll probably go for a swim.Then sometime today i need to go to the Parlor and make some Orange Sorbet for the weekend. Made 11 trays of chocolate ice cream yesterday and will make another 21 trays on Friday. Oh don't we love the Summer!!Good job i'm giving up one job looks like i'll be chained to the parlor if the weather stays like this!!Oh and must make some jewellery for a party coming up.Hmmm sorry you asked now looking at the length of this!!


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                I've got Eden off school.
                She woke me up at 11pm last night complaining that her tummy was hurting because she was so hungry! Took her down and gave her a cracker and milk and then waited for her to eat them. However ther then came the plaintive cry " i'm going to be sick" just as she was. poor girl was very frightened. She's managed to get from 18months to 7 and a half with out being sick. I was up every half hour with her and then finally at 6.40 this morning it stopped, but now she is moping round saying what can I do. The school have a child with cancer at the moment so she'll have to stay off till Friday.
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                  got up 6.30 walked dog, went to work (no time to log on). Another hectic day at work, finished at 4.00pm. Went shopping, cooked tea, and now having some ME time.......Bliss


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                    So did you achieve everything?

                    I did, hubbie came home after an hour - a delivery never turned up so he couldn't get on (that's his story anyway)
                    But that was a bonus as we rode our bicycles along the prom to a cafe and he bought me lunch!!
                    The orange sorbet turned out great - peeled 12 oranges and smashed them with my new fab smashing machine which is like a mini pneumatic (spelt wrong?) drill. Tastes georgeous if i do say so myself. Hope the customers willl like it!!
                    Went on another bike ride around the town with hubbie this afternoon, called on several friends for much needed tea and gossip.
                    Hubbie now making mince and tatties for tea.
                    Could life get any better?


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                      Still unpacking boxes, I swear they're breeding & multiplying

                      Woke up in the middle of the night, pain in the chest, couldn't move my arms, pain bad enough to make me scream, thought it was a heart attack. Nope, just my 45 year old muscles protesting loudly at the strain I've put them through!!

                      Tomorrow will be more exciting...we get the hot water working!

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                        Well another day is here already. I would like to beable to say i'm doing something real exciting today but it's basically the same as yesterday. Hope you all got something fun on today. See you all later.
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