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Kitten Update! Aw.....

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  • Kitten Update! Aw.....

    Just over a week old, the wee black one is starting to open his eyes!

    Cute or what! Jules

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    Ahhhhh! They are so lovely. I want one but don't think my dog would approve
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      They are lovely, did you say they were unexpected? are you keeping them?
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        They are so sweet and really grown since the last pic you posted a week or so are you keeping them?


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          Don't Tempt Me....

          We've still got Cleo's previous two kittens.....never got round to finding homes for them, love them to bits.

          With these two fluffy slugs, it makes our cat total 10. So, unfortunately, no we aren't keeping them.....!

          A while back, when one of our cats was killed on the road (used to be stremely quiet, now it's a rat run) we promised ourselves no more cats, we'd let them live out their lives and when we only had a few of the young ones left, we'd get a dog. Like that worked out.......!!! We found two kittens ( Cleo & her sister, the Boo Cow) in a skip, then Cleo produced two kittens (Desmond & Mouse) and before we knew it, we were up to 8....

          We need a bigger house, in the middle of nowhere, with no busy roads.

          Oh yeah, and a lottery win.......

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            ..................and a rechargable source of cat litter! My little darlings will come home to use theirs - they sit round the corner until I go to the bin with the old stuff, then nip in and leave a thankyou note!


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              I Know That Feeling....

              ....some of ours will spend all blinkin' day outside, but they won't spend a penny out there.

              Oh no....they have to come inside for that!

              You remember Tesco announcing record profits? Well, that was all down to us - buying cat litter by the tonne.

              *sigh* You gotta love 'em!

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                Awww how flippin cute

                And my dog would definatly approve - another bum to sniff yeah!!!


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                  Lovely, just like kids though they don't stay babies for long!!

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                    I have 4 cats all ive saved they too spend all day in the garden and the litter tray does over time in the evening.My little yorkie and i mean small toy,goes in the tray now like a girl ithink he thinks hes a cat what with 4 girls around him,Cost me a fortune but there worth it.


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                      Gorgeous kittens getting bigger arent they. Don't know how you will bring yourself to part with them. Don't use cat litter (unless I take in a sick one) got a cat flap so my babes go outside to perform!


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                        Two cats refuse point blank to use them. The others will spend hours outdoors everyday, no matter what the weather's like - then come in specially to use the box.....

                        Still love them though!

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                          Aww Jules the little black one is reminding me of my Scarlett, I got her from the cat and dog home, I had her for 5 years when I was single after my divorce and she vetted every bloke that came through the door! (Sounds bad..but there were a few ) Then I met Ian and she liked him better than she liked me! When Ian and I moved in together Scarlett moved with me but she never settled in the new place.. to cut a long story short she went out one night and never came back. I searched for her for weeks but with no luck. That was about 4 years ago now but I still have pics of her all over the house. We are thinking about moving house maybe later in the year to a more rural area. If we do..I think I might get another cat.
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