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  • Starting to get worried...

    Molly our puddy tat went out last night about 11pm as usual and hasn't come home yet About twice she hasn't been home by the time we leave for work in the mornings but has always been waiting for us (and a big fuss) when we get home but not today. She definately hasn't been home and out again as her food hasn't been touched so I've gone into panic mode...we're going to head out soon to have a look for her as I can't just sit here waiting.
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    Aww hopefully she's just found herself a new boyfriend, you know what these youngsters are like about keeping track of time

    Let us know when you find her


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      Hi there i just wanted to say, that my Cat Charlie went missing last August i was devastated morning after morning night after night i was calling him... even put him food out but only his sister lola was there! Charlie never used to go far and i begain to think the worst i was preggers at the time and was all over the place, i also had to explain to my daughter who was 2 at the time that Charlie must have gone to heaven!

      11days went by then one afternoon i got a phone call off my step-sister saying that her Half sister (not on my side... V Complicated but i got cats off her) had got a call and my cat was in Tenbury Wells Vets! tenbury is about 7miles from me but Charlie had been found 15miles away from me! he was very poorly with catflu and skinny but he purred his head off when i walked into the room... in floods of tears!

      I do not know how he got there but i thank god that he was micro chipped (and i didnt know!) so i just want to say dont give up looking get some posters out and see if ur cat turns up.

      Good Luck x
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        Please ask neighbours if ypur puddy has been locked in their garages/sheds.

        That is what happened to ours when he went missing, unfortunately the neighbours had then gone away for a few days, only to find our puddy very hungry and thirsty in their garage on their return.

        I am sure yours will turn up safe and well, with a tale of adventure to tell

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          I hope you find Molly soon, hopefully someone has taken her in and looking after her. Would a notice in the village shop or supermarket help? I think I feel lucky to have dogs on occasions like this because they get taken for walks and then have a run round the garden with the gates closed. I bet you feel like a worried parent...and when she returns you'll be saying 'and where the heck do you think you've been, what time do you call this?' lol. good luck
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            Poor you, I know how you feel, I hope Molly turns up soon safe and well.
            Have you asked your neighbours, not just next door but further afield, as we know all too well cats can roam far and wide. When one of my cats went missing, we put posters up on lamp posts and posted them through letter boxes.
            Have you checked all the vets and animal rescues/charities in your area?
            Do you usually leave your cat/s out all night? I was just wondering as it's well known that more cats go missing at night than during the day...I won't leave my cats out at night for that reason.
            Good luck with your search


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              We let Molly come and go as she likes so sometimes spends all night out and other times she's in and out (with mice lol) during the night and often jumps on my pillow and headbutts me to wake me in the mornings

              I've just handwritten a poster which I know Val the postmisstress will put up for me if there's still no sign of Molly in the morning, I can then get a proper poster printed out with a photo when I'm at work tomorrow.

              We walk round most of the village and through the woods at the back of the house before it got dark and no sign
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                Hopefully Molly will turn up soon. We've always had cats and I've lost count of the number of times I've worried myself silly because they've been out wandering.

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                  Hope she turns up soon.

                  Helena xxx


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                    Yay she came home at about midnight She seemed a little spooked but tucked into her food and water like a cat possessed so I wonder if she did get trapped somewhere or maybe the other local cats were picking on her - who knows...she wouldn't tell us when we asked
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                      Aww, glad she's home!!

                      Our new Mog Dave did this a few days ago.

                      He went back to his old home.


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                        yay glad she came back


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                          My cat is almost always out OR sleeping hehehe..

                          My friends cat goes out for about 5 days then come back for a few days then goes out again for 5 days...

                          Maybe molly is going to spend more time out and about ?

                          Grad she is back

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                            She's just keeping you on your toes and reminding you all how much you love her!
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                              It's such a worry when they go AWOL. One or ours went missing for a week, he had obviously been shut in somewhere as he was much thinner, he stayed around the house after that for quite some time si it obviously was NOT a pleasant experience whatever it was.
                              God helps them that help themselves.