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    I've been having problems with my courier lately and was trying to negotiate a more reasonable price for my larger parcels - they were a bit slow in making contact so I went elsewhere

    In response to a lady from saletrack phoning and offering me a quite reasonable rate I sent out a large trade order with them...basically they are an agent for DHL who must have been playing football with my large (sturdily wrapped) parcels, and as a result a lot of the products were broken and damaged beyond repair - which meant I had to do them again and has a knock on effect, in terms of delays to my customer and delays to their customers.

    I emailed the nice lady at SaleTrack to make a claim for compensation and I have to say their after 'sales' service has been absolutely pants...

    They sent me a claim form with a curt email about appropriate packing...they won't compensate me for the time it takes me to make the products - only the 'materials' at cost price - and they want proof of how much I paid for the materials; photos of the products; photos of the boxes with internal packaging; photos of the damage to the products ; copies of invoices and credit notes to my customer blah blah etc etc...

    After I've done all this they may consider paying me a fraction of what it's cost me in loss of business etc...and the compensation comes in the form of credit to my account....YEAH, RIGHT! Like I'm going to be using THEM again!!!!

    Needless to say I'm more than a little p***** off and I just wanted to make my feelings public and let other people know that sometimes a bargain isn't a bargain...

    It would have been nice to have received a phone call or email with apologies and some help in trying to resolve it...but they've lost my £300 per month business, so that'll learn 'em..

    Anyone else had really appalling service from courier companies so I know who to avoid in future...or recommendations for a really good one?

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    That's terrible, Jude. I can see why you're fuming.

    I think the company won't stay in business very long. Don't they know that word spreads fast on the internet?

    If they're an agent for DHL, could you let DHL know about it? I'm sure they won't want agents who don't give a good service, or broken goods while in their care, and may be able to help with compensation.
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      I've never heard of SaleTrack before but have used other agents for DHL in the past...2 of which went bust and apparently did runners with people's money and parcels

      A lot of my suppliers use Fastway and I've never had a problem with any of my parcels - they arrive next day at roughly the same time by a friendly delivery guy. Apparently the drivers are also the francise holders and if any parcels are damaged the cost comes out of their pocket (harsh but seems to work). I've had a chat with the sales guy as I'm still toying with the idea of using a courier (most of my parcels are relatively light so cheaper with RM) and the driver will call in every day at his set time to collect any parcels - I think it costs about £5 a parcel. You have to buy the tickets upfront, minimum of 20 and the more you buy the cheaper it is.

      I have heard people swear about them in the past and I think it depends on how good your local francise is but I rate them and the fact that nearly all my suppliers have switched to them must say something.

      On the downside however I don't think they cover all of the UK yet so if you're sending to Scotland or parts of the West Country it costs more as they pass it onto another courier which I guess also increases the chances of it getting damaged/lost.
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        We use for larger/heavier parcels.

        Haven't been let down , yet.

        We use the 48-72 hour delivery, but 98% of all parcels arrive next day, you get loads of email trackings, know just where your parcel is at any time of day.

        They regularly have promotions on.

        They can also give you a PO box/pick up in the states - makes buying from America very easy


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          Felt the need to come in on the side of Saletrack here. We use them all the time and have done so for a long time. They dont actually handle your goods, DHL do that so if you had damage, DHL would be to blame.

          We have never had any problems with their customer service either, I find their people helpful and very professional and my parcels all reach their destinations just fine.

          Hope I've not spoken too soon...