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premium rate phone numbers ?

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  • premium rate phone numbers ?

    Anyone call these numbers ?

    Its been all over the news for the last 2 days how you basically phone to win and can't because its all fake BUT it still cost you..

    I only every use these numbers for one thing.. And no, not what your thinking but for some customer services

    Clips of X factor and those late night competitions are being soon on the bbc with a question if its all fake ?

    What's your opinion?

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    Like you the only premium rates I call are generally customer services or technical support, I never, ever phone any of the competitions. The price is a rip off for a start!! How can you be sure the calls are logged?

    On a smaller scale I remember once entering a phone in competition on the radio (this was only a couple of years ago). I was holding on the line as the winner (a meal for 2 at Shimla Pinks yum yum) but the radio was still asking for people to phone in and enter the competition when I was sitting there with the prize in my sweaty little hands!!! Same thing they knew they had a winner but wanted more money from the poor sods phoning in.

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