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  • My new tattoos...

    Ok, I know there has been a thread before about tattoos but I just got a new one on my foot yesterday and a couple on months ago had one on my back...would like to know what people think...? The pics aren't very good but you should get the idea[email protected]/3837432041/

    Freja xxxx

    Ps. Sorry its just links but for some reason I can't upload pics on here at the moment...


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    I especially like the linear flower/leaf design, but that's because I really like black tattoos!

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      I really like the back one, the foot one is very dramatic!


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        I love the tattoo on your back though I'm not sure about the one on your foot (sorry)... personally I prefer black tattoos but that's just me


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          It is nice.


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            I've wanted a tattoo on my foot/ankle for a while but I'm nervous about it going over the bone! I've got one around my hip area and I moved slightly when it went over my hip bone, so its a tiny bit wonky!

            It doesnt really matter what anyone thinks as it only matters as long as you like it. I dont dislike the one on your foot, but would prefer a tattoo that was more delicate and dainty in that area, not so bold.

            Your very brave!


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              Great tats!!! I keep thinking about getting another one, on the inside of my wrist but I have 5 already (they're so addictive!)

              I love the back one and the foot one is great but I think I would have had it going up the leg (if my legs didn't already have tats). Well done
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                I'm deliberating about getting a scroll type design on my foot - similar to the fab one on your back! I'm a big tattoo fan and have a few already (unfortunately o/h isn't! ..oh dear!)


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                  Thanks everyone for your feedback. The tattoo on my back was actually specially designed for me by my friend, if you look at the roots of the tree you can see "TH" as thats her initials (I figured artists normally put their name to their art ) I have a couple of others which are just black so I wanted something majorly different...I originally thought about getting a swallow (as in traditional sailorman tattoo...) Figured flowers were a safer long term choice

                  Freja xxx