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  • downsize photos!

    Hiya i have joined misi and need to download some photos but it wont let me load anything it says has to be 0 to 29 kib which means nothing im thick with things like that i did used to download lots of photos for dog rescues and used photobucket al the time i just dont know how to downsize them in my photos on my pc sumone told me i cud use windows office manager launcher but i havent got that please help as driving me mad now lol

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    If your computer has Windows on it (most do), then open the photograph in Paint (right click on it, click on 'Open with', and choose 'Paint'). You can then use the image resize/skew (on one of the menus along the top) to reduce the size by a percentage. This reduces the size of the file. If you need square images, you can use Paint to trim the edges as well - but it always cuts off the right hand side and bottom, so use the 'image flip/rotate' option to turn the image round, and then back again, if you need to cut off the other sides.

    Keep a copy of the original (in case of disasters), and save what you are doing regularly. You can then check the size of the saved file to see if it is small enough yet.
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      I use paint to downsize pictures too. To check when its the right size once you have saved it go into the folder you have saved it into and right click, then go down to properties - that will give you the size of the file.
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        Best thing i have found is a free download called Pixresizer, its a great little program, and you can downsize single pics, or an entire batch of them quickly and easily!

        Its easy to find by googling it!

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          Thanks Jo, have just downloaded the PIXresizer, it remains to be seen whether I can actually use it or not, I'm useless at this kind of thing...

          Thanks for asking the question amsha


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            ahhh thanx guys will look into it later when ive got time and concentration to do lol

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