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    My eldest is 15 and has just got the notification for his work experience.
    For those of you who don't know, joe has severe dyslexia and other special needs. he's mainstream educated and has one to one helpers and lap tops, readers etc. He has made the most amazing progress thanks to all the support he receives.
    Anyway, we were dreading his work placement coming through.... BUT..... he has been given the most amazing placement possible... he is going to the local college to study textiles. The woman there is really helpful and sounds like she will be really supportive. Joe is the only student going and he is really excited. Have had to go and buy him a load of new gear so he can look cool and "arty"!
    That's another weight off my mind.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    Oh, I'm so pleased for you! The children I have worked with in the past in similar situations to Joe's do so well with individual experiences. Plus - textiles! How fab is that. I hope he has a great time.
    Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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      If it wasn't for work experience i'd be nowhere now..

      dyslexia : me to..

      From the age of about 15 to 19 I did loads of work experience.. If joe knows what he want's to do send him out to work..

      I took 1 day off a week from 6th form to work at sony.. Was so cool.. And made my CV glow.. I worked for about 5 companies before uni which ment I got on a course even without gcse english (got a "D")

      Best of LUCK

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