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Congestion/rush hour charges

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  • Congestion/rush hour charges

    Admittedly my way of thinking is simple, but, I had an idea this morning.

    Among other thoughts Im very pooped off about these impending rush hour charges!!
    Also, why is it always a money fine.Why not apply community service, say 1 minute work for every mile travelled in congestion/peak times, Im sure trying to find time to help the community would deter people to drive at these times more than a money fine.

    My main thought this morning is -why are some areas congested?
    Places people need to go on a regular basis are all in one area with only 1 road to get to it on.
    Why not disperse work places, scatter start times and build sufficient roads to accomodate the cars, or supply more relevant public transport.

    Again, simple, but Im entitled to my opinion.
    What do you all think about the situation.

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    Again another thing. People are always complaining about people picking up kids from school in the car. Okay, okay should walk most of them but why do they need to have schools on or near main roads. 2 girls from our local school were knocked down last Thursday (admittedly they were dogging it at the time but punishment seems a bit extreme!!!)

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