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  • What a night!

    I let my daughter go to a party down the street, and she ran in the house screaming like a complete idiot and she ran up the stairs and said mam, a man tried to drag me in his house, well after checking she was ok and hadn't been hurt, I ran down the street warned all the mam's to keep their kids in, then I rang the police, they came out and sat with her for 2 hours I was a complete mess.

    We went the route she walked, the full works, we had CID to the house, she was interviewed by 3 different officers, DNA swabs taken from where she was grabbed on her arm.

    We were just about to go and get it all taped and she was going to be re interviewed by a spe******t and she said mam can I talk to you on my own, so I said OK and the little you know what had made it all up

    I was annoyed and upset and felt stupid all in one go, so I took the CID officer aside and said what she told me, im liable to ring her neck, but only because it shook me up

    Credit to the officers they were lovely with her and reassured me I done the right thing, a 9 yr old done exactly the same a few weeks ago and had them going for 17 hours!!

    but turns out the reason my daughter did it was cos she heard my sister shouting her in and because she was somewhere she wasn't meant to be she thought she had been shouting her a long time so thats why she did it, and the mark on her wrist was where she ran round the back of the house to avoid my sister and tripped up


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    Kids, huh! You gotta love 'em
    Must've given you a right fright though. Bet she won't do that again.


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      She said after 5 mins when the police had left can I go out and play, I was like nooooooooooo grounded for you miss.


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        That sounds like a scary time for you. But I bet she didn't realise what she was starting.
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          The good thing is that she finally came clean and told the truth, that must have taken a great deal of courage from her knowing how upset and angry you were likely to be with her.
          At least you know what happened now, although it must have been dreadful at the time - my greatest fear is that something will happen to my girls, I can't even imagine how horrific it must be when it happens for real.

          I'm sure she'll not do that again, we all say and do daft things when we are kids that we cringe to think about when we look back.



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            I didn't go totally ballistic like some parents would, it was tea and bed for her, then I took her to my nana's today who has had a word.