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    Did i mention, I had my hair cut recently?

    I have since washed it a couple of times, this last time my curls (which I never realised I had in such force) have really shown themselves this time.
    Instead of a sleek chin skimming style it gets to my chin then curls outwards.

    Im not really a girly girl, Ive tried moose(hair moose not the antlered animal) so just wondered if there were any products on the market that I could tame it with?

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    Maybe you should try putting the antlerred animal on your head?

    I have major curls/frizz and I usually find I have to use a combination of products to defrizz so I just have curls... I use fructis smoothing serum and something in a green bottle that I can't think of the product name of... which is more of a cream. Together they just about defrizz me individually they don't seem to work.

    To ditch the curls naturally I usually find my hair goes quite flat by wearing a hat or plaiting it really tight then I get kinks rather than curls (hence the moose suggestion).
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      I'd love to get my curls back. Since having child No.2 my hair has gone...

      1 - Grey
      2 - Not curly but not straight either
      3 - No idea what colour it is
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        Just go with the FRO. I pay a fortune to have mine curly. Were never happy with what we have are we?
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          I shake when I have my hair cut...


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            I use Frizz-ease (not sure if that is how you spell it !) products. They do work, they tame the curls even if you let them dry natutally. They also do a serum which is great for shine - listen to me I sound like a hairdresser - but I do recommend the range. I buy from Boots.

            Failing that, go with the wild look!

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              Hehe, it looked nice when my hair was longer but now it just loks untidy.Thanks Il give your suggestions a go.


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                Hair straighteners - I had my hair cut ages ago and it would go stupid at the ends - hair straighteners are the way forward!!
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                  Have to agree with Swirly on the straighteners. I never had a problem with curls or kinks when my hair was long, but now that it's chin length, it does weird things. Can't be without my straighteners now!
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