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  • reason to celebrate!

    A couple of weeks ago my son received a letter through the post. It looked to me like junk or a **** and I was about to throw it away. Luckily my DH was taking the rubbish out to the bin and saw it in the pile.
    The letter was from something called Yorkshire young musicians and was about a new music school hoping to open in HUll. DH phoned up and they were really great.
    Ollie went for an audition last Saturday and had to play two violin pieces and sing a song. while the children were doing the workshops and auditions we parents went to a meeting and were told that the school was only for the most promissing of musicians aka top 2%. (I am ashamed to say that at that moment I thought we were wasting our time). we were told that it was two weeks before we would hear wheather or not he would get in.
    Ollie had a really good audition and came out saying that the panel had told him that they were looking forward to seeing his bow hold improve.
    then this morning there was a letter saying he'd been accepted on a schlolarship for september 2007.
    We are all bouncing around celebrating!!
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    !!!!!!! Well done, I bet your really proud parents!!!

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      this morning there was a letter saying he'd been accepted on a schlolarship for september 2007.

      That's brilliant!!!! Well done Ollie!!!!

      Our friends' daughter is also a very promising musician and composer and went to something like that (in Hull) a year or two ago. She has now progressed to something along those lines at Leeds University.

      You have every right to be

      bouncing around celebrating!!


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        Bless his heart how wonderful .


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          That's absolutely fantastic.

          Is Ollie pleased too?

          I'd be so proud if it were any of mine!

          Wonderful news!

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            Brilliant news!! I'll bet you are thrilled!
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              Gosh, congratulations and well done Ollie on a fantastic audition. You must be so proud..and rightly so!

              Way back in my past I played the Cello and secretly harbored ideas of being a musician but I was never good enough!!
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