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an expensive holday!!!

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  • an expensive holday!!!

    Hello all

    Havent been on for while as been on my hols, nothing flash just a week away in New Quay wales.....beautiful costal town, went dolphin watching, a boat trip on the beach etc etc. We dont go away much purely due to money and not having alot!! So in Jan i booked our first hols away at a lovely holiday park, I got the holiday half price so I was chuffed to bits.

    We arrived settled in and went explore, The holiday parks are soo canny with their lay outs, to get to the swimming pool you have to walk through the arcarde area (cannot pass without a go on every 2p machine!!), then the kids club area( lots of promotinal stuff to buy) then the cafe with slush machine etc! So although the swimming is free, you get the pull of "Can I Have" etc as you walk through. I know I may sound like a miser or a tight wad but it does add to a tight budget. Then four days in our car died!!!! We were now stranded in the money pit for two days!! Car returned back with a receipt for £300 YIKES!!!So what I thought was going to be a cheap holiday turned into a big expensive one!!

    Oooh feel so much better for the vent!! Dont want to put a downer on anyone elses holiday......just hope its better than ours, Just wanted to vent to make myself feel better so thanks for listening


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    Aww, what a shame. Sounds like you enjoyed it though despite the cost. I've had a look at your cakes and I think they're lovely. I used to be a cake decorator in a different life, so I know good work when I see it.
    Best wishes


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      oh heck!!!! what a disaster car wise. You vent away, think I would be in tears!!! no wonder I don't go on holiday
      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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        Sorry to hear of your car problems... I hope you still managed to enjoy your holiday despite the expense, etc *hugs*


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          sorry that your car may have spoiled your holiday, but if you had stayed at home it would still have died, but you would have been at home and miserable, better to be on holiday and miserable,the kids dont care about money really they just want to have fun with you and im sure you did , thats what they will remember


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            Oh no, what an unfortunate time you've had! I'm sure you've got some good memories of the holiday too but venting is always good as I find it helps to let things go, talk it all through with lots of 'oh what bad luck we're having' then put it to the back of your mind if you can x
            Lorna x

   - I've finally ventured into the world of blogging!


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              Originally posted by Slateruk
              why dont you try cheepar hoidays you'lll save alot of money
              Don't mean to be controversial, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that was what Kaz was aiming for in the first place and got a half price deal?

              Sorry to hear you had troubles on your hols Kaz, still, I bet it was nice to get away from home for a bit and get some lovely sea air?



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                awww what a shame, i hate they way they always try to get you to pay out and the car didnt help either