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Has anyone done a Foundation Degree?

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  • Has anyone done a Foundation Degree?

    Well, I'm still looking into things in terms of gaining further qualifications in light of a future career change.

    I've found a course I'm interested in (BA Hons 3D Design Crafts) but if I study it part time it will take me 5-6 years. I'm not sure if I could manage working full time and attend uni evenings two nights a week for the next 5-6 years, so I've started to look in to Foundation Degrees.

    They offer the course as a Foundation Degree at a few local colleges, linked to the local University. I've enquired and been told I can study either part time (3 Years, 2 days a week) or full time (2 years, 3 days a week). This would mean I could continue to work, although I would need to reduce my hours. The course equates to the first 2 years of the BA Hons Degree, and would enable me to then move on to the final year of the BA Hons Degree at my local uni.

    I just wondered if anyone else had done a Foundation Degree alongside working and how they found it? I'm just thinking that it may be a more viable option for me at the moment, due to my financial commitments?
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    My friend is doing a part time textiles degree alongside part time work and being a mum of a preschooler and fits it all in, just about

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      I've just enrolled on a distance learning CIPD course (bascially a masters). It's 2 years worth of study at 15 hours a week and I work part-time with a 21 month old!

      I love studying though and this is something I really want to do, so hoping that'll be the motivation

      I did my A-levels by home study - so although it may sound like a lot of work, it's surprising how little you have to do each day to fit it in.


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        The 3D Design Crafts course sounds interesting... you would be involved with ceramics

        I applied for a Foundation course before I started by BA Hons degree and was accepted but they told me in the interview that I should apply straight for the BA Hons because all the work I did at college during my A Levels was basically equivalent to a Foundation. (I did A Level 3D Design, A Level Fine Art and AVCE Double Award in Art & Design)

        That sounds brilliant that you can do a 2 year foundation course which is equivalent to the first 2 years of your BA Hons and then you only have to do the final year. I'd go for that! Aslong as you think you can manage your time well.

        Foundation courses are great because you can experiment to your hearts content and try out as many different processes, skills and techniques you can imagine. You can also spe******e in one area if you prefer, which is what you should be ready to do by the end of your first year.

        Good luck with it and keep us posted on what you decide.



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          Possibly said this before but I did an Open University BSc in Psychology. It took me 6 years, but in that time I also worked 9 to 3.30, so that I could be at home out of school hours for my son who we adopted at six and a half. Who has ADHD and behavioural issues, so not the easiest of children, adorable though. Managed to keep my gym visits to at least 4 times a week, did the Concept 1,000,000 meter challenge (the T shirt was awful), played Squash once a week and in the last 2 years (level 3) started a company. Anything is possible if you want it enough.
          What would you gain from the foundation degree? And have you looked at the OU?



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            Wow Di - well done to you!

            The foundation degree is designed for people in employment, as it is equivalent to 2 years of the BA Hons Degree but can be done alongside employment.

            I have considered OU but I feel that by attending a college / uni it would suit my learning style more, plus I'd have the facilities at hand that I'd need for the course.

            It's a bit confusing as there is also the Foundation course in Art, which you can do prior to doing a degree, plus there is a Foundation year available to students who did not achieve the A Level or equivalent qualifications to go onto a degree course.
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