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Broke my bike :(

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  • Broke my bike :(

    Very sad day for me.. I went to go for a bike ride and snap I broke my back hub

    I used to race mountain bikes from the age of 15-17 (when my knees give up) I've had this bike for 14 yrs and spent all my money on it when I was younger... So so sad

    ah well... life goes on I guess... Its be a great friend to me.. God i'm sad

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    How sad. Is it beyond repair?
    I can't be creative and tidy too for beads, findings and threads
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      But noow you can have the joy of getting a new one or a new bit, stripping all the other stuff off your broken one and outting it all together.

      You sound very like my brother.
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        sorry to that


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          If you ride often youwill miss the excercise. Some lovely bikes on the market now you will enjoy choosing one.
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            I know how you feel Mr M.I was more emotional about my first car being sold off than I was splitting up with my first boyfriend.


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              poor you. I would be sad if my umbrella died - I've had my faithful yellow froggy umbrella for 18 years or more!!!

              At least you can choose a new one, which could be lots of fun!
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                I'm sorry to hear that, it's amazing what we get attached to isn't it? I was asked last week what I wanted from my Grampa's house now that he's passed away and I chose a tin of old buttons I used to play with for hours when I was little and a fluffy toy rabbit that I used to sleep with when I went to visit them. Lots of memories for me but probably old tat to everyone else!

                My husband gets very attached to random things and finds it very difficult to throw things away (even socks when they get a whole in them!) but I like BeadsbyDesign's idea of stripping the bike and reusing bits in a new bike.

                Whoops I'm rambling, apologies x
                Lorna x

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                  oh no!!!! can it not be repaired????? my bike is still in the garage with a flat tyre. It has a really strange valve which I cant seem to find a pump fitting for, shame I lost the pump that came with the bike!
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                    Oh no Sounds like it was well loved over the years!

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                        Thats not good news!

                        God I haven't ridden a bike for years, I'm not sure I'd still be able to, given the chance! Can imagine wobbling all over the place...

                        Hope you get a nice new bike which will be your new friend!


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                          Well after 14 years it's about time you got a new bike!!! Only kidding I know how we get attached to things. I had a hairdryer I got for my 16th birthday. It lasted 20 years then died on me (nearly blew me through the roof if I am to tell you the truth!!) I have had 3 new hairdryers in as many years - they don't make em like they used too!!!!
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