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  • philistine!

    My middle son plays the violin and has been on a strings course this last week instead of going to school.
    Yesterday I went over to hear the end of course concert. The standard was amazing and it was a joy to listen to.
    The guy leading the course had come up from a famous music college to ead the course and he was conducting and waxing lyrical about the setting for the pieces being written and all sorts of other technical stuff.
    I think most of that went over my head because all I could think was "what advert was that?" But I was also proud that my experience opf attending these sort of concerts meant that I'm never the first to clap because I can never tell if it's the end of a movemnt or if it's the end of a piece (you shouldn't clap for movements ... aparently)
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    never ever clap between movements... most distracting for players and a tad annoying for some listening.
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      Oh I would have been so proud!!!
      I love classical music. as well as popular music. Well..! whats the difference? classic is and always will be popular eh?
      My Grand kids know Classic as well as head banging stuff. There is a time and place for it all as long as you enjoy it.
      To live without my music......... la la la ...

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