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    You supposed to be doing whist you are infact feeding your forum addication?

    I have the following list:
    cleaning and tidying
    making 200 orders of service
    making a wedding cake topper
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    Banish those thoughts and stay on the forum

    Ok.... vacuuming, ironing, making dichroic earrings to match a pendant I sold ages ago (sounds simple but not quite so)
    updating website and grooming the cat although not at the same time......... it's much easier to just stay on CF
    Terry xxx
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      Hmm not sure my list could fit on here but main jobs are:

      1) Cleaning the house as I have a visit from the Educational Psychologist from DS school in the morning, my dad is coming in the afternoon to stay with us for the weekend whilst mum is in hospital and OH is coming home tomorrow evening
      2) Ironing, ironing, ironing - boooooooooo, ready for our hols next week
      3) Sorting out the forms for DD's work experience, which she gave me last night and should have been sent back last week!!!!
      4) Making even more piping from my silk dupioni for the christening gown I am making
      5) Buying a gift for hubby for our wedding anniversary, surfing the net in vain at the mo, why are men so difficult to buy for?!

      Far too much more to mention
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        Where to start?

        1. Update website and blog
        2. Paperwork
        3. Post office
        4. Ironing... washing up... hoovering... generally tidying up!
        5. Replying to a dozen emails
        6. Sourcing/ordering some craft supplies

        And that's just what I can think of, off the top of my head... crazy!!


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          Arrrrrrr fancy giving me one more thing to do now - as in answering this post - dont get me started on my list!! lol

          I think my trouble is I have two desks in my craft room - one where I work and the other with computer on..............see, too close together and too distracting from the other!!

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            I should be having my lunch...I'm starving ! But here I am.
            I can't be creative and tidy too
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              I'm actually at work and the forum is minimized, I only check for updated posts when I don't have any important work to do though After I've completed a busy task I'll come on here as a reward!

              I've decided to buckle down and spend a good 4-5 hours in my workshop tonight, so if you see me on here later, tell me off!!!


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                feeding my children!!!!!!! (well only one tonight as the other is having tea with a friend!)
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                  hee hee good question.

                  I should be emptying suitcases,
                  filling the washing machine with yet another load
                  going to the shops for food
                  working my way through my 'to do' list
                  sorting out paperwork
                  completing.......actually that should be STARTING an order I have for tomorrow

                  oh the list is endless and I told myself I wouldn't even switch the laptop on today


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                    Chucking away 4 bin bags of off cuts (whoa ho my work room's tidy ).....but maybe I could use them for something? Then again if I could've, I would've.......Should I chuck 'em? Maybe I'll sort through them first.......
                    I know I'll just check through todays posts while I'm deciding .


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                      Hubby has just given me a shout, I forgot to feed the dog. Wondered why she was sitting next to me and staring.
                      God helps them that help themselves.


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                        I've got last minute packing to do!!!
                        I've been pinching clothes out of my suitcase so now I have to wash and iron them before tomorrow!!!

                        I've got my SIL coming to house sit so I've got to clean my house top to bottom too!

                        Also I've got an exam tomorrow morning to study for eek!! not enough hours in the day!

                        MISI -


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                          I'm frazzled from too much work in the last few days... so I should be either sleeping, watching TV, eating or drinking... haven't done enough of any of them recently.

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