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  • Venice

    Hello everybody,

    I am going to Venice for a few days at the end of the month (I am very excited) and I was wondering if anybody has been?
    I bought a guide and a phrase book but I would like to know more about down to earth info such as restaurant prices, transfers, places or things to avoid, gifts to bring back and of course your general thoughts on Venice!

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    Originally posted by minxybags View Post
    Hello everybody,

    gifts to bring back

    Thank you! If you are offering I'd love a chandelier!
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      Lucky u

      My husband had his 50 ( many years ago) in Venice in September. We usually go when we can. We always stay on the main Island near to the Ducal palace and it's magical in the evening after all the hoards of tourists have gone! Be aware that the area around St Marco is PACKED at this time of year.Hold onto your handbag.
      Walk towards the railway station where items are the same but much cheaper.
      It's easy to walk around but you must take the Vaporetto all the way down the Grand Canal - it's like a film set.


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        Venice is fab but as mentioned San Marco Piazza (St Mark's Square) is packed with tourists and tourist tat - just try and find a 'Venice' item that is not 'made in China'!
        But of course there is the beautiful Murano glass factory (probably where I fell in love with glass) well worth a visit and the lace (not my thing but very beautifully made).

        Venice is expensive and this time of year hot but when you need a rest, as always in Italy there is wonderful food, wine, sublime coffee, gelati to die for......!
        I am sooo jealous! I am sure you will have a great time
        Terry xxx
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          Oooh lucky you! Venice is one of my favourite Cities
          You can normally buy a combined bus & Vaporetto pass
          (the vaporetto is the water bus).

          When you get to the bus terminal look for the vaporetto sign
          which looks a bit like a ferry sign. Get on the Vaporetto and
          take a lovely trip down the grand canal. Definately ignore anyone
          who's meeting the bus and telling you to follow them to the
          water (they'll take you to the costly water taxies)

          The Ghetto has some wonderful cheaper restaurants
          (San Marco is more expensive) and there are plenty of value packed pizzerias. Lots of the glass in Venice is cheap china copies but if you buy
          it on Murano it will be proper Murano Glass. Another wonderful place to buy pretty glass horses and handmade pendants / beads is down the
          Calla de la Aqua (not far from the Rialto Bridge). There's a little Artisan Glassmakers shop down there.

          On Murano itself (which you can get to for free using your Vaporetto pass) the
          Glass demos are really good but the glass tends to be more
          expensive in those places so take a short walk down the main shopping
          street in Murano (more competition = better prices).

          Another great thing to do is go to the Ducal Palace and book in for the
          "Secret Itinery Tour" you get to go right up into the eaves of the palace
          and see Casanovas Prison cell (as well as the secret passages) and cross the Bridge of Sighs. It fills up quickly so book early.

          If you go into San Marco then don't miss the little set of stairs (I think to the right) by the entrance. Pay a little extra and go up there first, it's labelled the museum but you get right up next to the mosaics AND see the
          proper horse sculpture. It also allows access onto the Balcony where you
          have SUPERB views over St Marks Square. When you leave the Museum area you then go round the Basilica itself

          That's all I can think of for now -
          Have a FABULOUS time

          Nicola x
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            Ooh, and have a ride in a gondola. It's probably a bit expensive but you have to do it.
            Best wishes



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              Oooh, I love Venice. Haven't been for a few years though. Enjoy the city by boat and have a good stroll around as well... we walked from one end to the other without even realising it!

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                You are lucky. I haven't been to Venice since 1964. I have just worked that out, My goodness, its a lifetime away. Anyway, I clearly remember going over the Bridge of Sighs. I wonder if you still can. You will love it.
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