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  • To people all over the country!!


    I know that people on the forum are from all over the country and all over the world so i thought I'd seek some help from you all, if you don't mind

    I'm looking to take me and my boyfriend away somewhere,maybe a weekend or just a few days depending where it is and price. We're toying between either late august/september or over new year.
    We're not really keen on the idea of camping,so we're looking for either a flat/house we can rent, or a little hotel.

    We don't want to go toooo far maybe 2/3 hours at the most. We are looking for somewhere there are shops,restaurants beaches or nice places to walk.

    If anyone can help,reccomend anywhere or just give me some ideas i would really appreciate it

    Thank you


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    Do you want seaside or inland city breaks?
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      we're open to either really,but i quite fancy the seaside


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        I would highly recommend Loch Lomond for a quiet break, and around Christmas and New Year there are plenty of hotels who offer Hogmanay breaks/party nights, etc...

        For shopping you have and the Antartex Village, as well as only being half an hour from Glasgow.

        There is lots to do in the Loch Lomond area but this website gives you an idea of what's around:

        It may be a bit further away that you were considering though


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          okay thank you we're not sure about over new year,it probably will be more likely to be during the summer. But thank you again


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            There's lots of holiday cottage places around, that'll find you places to stay in certain areas - we do it every year!

            I've used these sites before :




            Have fun!

            Scorch's Pyrography :
            Crafts on Flickr :


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              oohh thank you very much Scorch


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                Are you too far from Norfolk. There are some lovely beaches around there both quiet and entertainingly busy. And its not too expensive either.
                God helps them that help themselves.


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                  of course I am going to have to say Clacton-on-Sea!!!!! but suspect it's too far, but we have some lovely coastal walks further round in Walton or an old fashioned seaside feel in Clacton, there are lots of places to see and visit and Suffolk is only an hour from here (did the journey to Clare in Suffolk yesterday and it was 1 hour 10 minutes door to door both ways and a lovely journey it was too!)
                  Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                    hmmm Clacton-on-Sea may be abit too far,but saying that i'm not the driver lol so i'm not sure. But as for Norfolk i know that is quite close so i may look into that

                    Thanks for the help


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                      Scarborough any good for you? You get the seaside-y bit on the front, but the town itself is a nice non-tacky town with nice shops and pubs and places to eat. Then when you are there Whitby and Bridlington are within easy reach.
                      We first went ten years ago and I still love going back. We stay in a hotel on the cliffs and the fiirst thing I do on checking is make a brew and just stare out at the sea! Hotels on Queens Promenade are ideal.
                      Llandudno is also a favourite for a seaside break, and probably an easy distance for you.
                      Let us know where you choose!



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                        Pembrokeshire is really lovely - some fabulous beaches. my mum has a flat in tenby but she can't rent it out this summer because shes moving the kitchen and bathroom around - but there are plenty of other nice places to stay.


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                          Wells-next-the-sea, it is adorable. We often camp there or Stiffkey (just down the road) but during the winter tend to rent a cottage. Fisherman's cottage (available through Hoseasons) is lovely and just off the Quay. Hoseasons do offer some great bargains.




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                            Try Balmaha on the East side of loch lomond. I used to go there regulalry when I lived in Glasgow. It is one of my favourite places If you want to come further south try Derbyshire and the peak district. ( I have to say that because that is where I live now. But I will always be a Londoner at heart.


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                              thanks for all the suggestions, i think for summer we are quite keen on the idea of Scarborough