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Has anyone noticed that it is quite-----

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  • Has anyone noticed that it is quite-----

    warm at the moment!!!!

    How are you keeping your cool?

    I am eating tons of this

    And running cold water on my wrists.

    What do you do?

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    is it ???.lol
    i'm doing as little as possible ( for a change ) and staying as close to the fan as possible and drinking loads of water
    waiting for it to cool down so i can fetch the washing in
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      I have some hot/cold gelpacks (which come with fabric sleeves and velcro strap) from the freezer strapped round my ankles.

      Later I'll wrap towels the large rectangular ones used with the coolboxes and put them in the bed.
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        I am in love with my chillow at the moment! It is lush!

        I wish I could eat ice cream! I found some delicious dairy free mint choc chip icecream in florida but sadly they dont do that here, only soya icecream and I hate soya!

        But I quite like the heat as long as Ive got lots of icy cold pepsi max in the fridge! (I wish we could still get mountain dew here though!)


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          We're having to keep the large floor standing fan on to cool our dog down, so I'm trying to share it with her! Oh, and eating loads of crushed orange ice cubes is really nice too.
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            baby stripped down to nappy. we're indoors with curtains shut and fan on, windows open. lots of water drunk. walk to baby clinic was terrible - far too hot out didn't realise my house was so different in temp to outside - so much cooler indoors!
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              It was 30* in the room we work in at work today!!

              Im standing infront of the fans we have and lifting my top up.


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                Nothing - this is about the right temp for me! OK, the Tube is a little warmer than I'd like, but I'm only on it for 20mins, so it's not a problem.
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                  Drink a lot! opening the windows that are in the shade and closing those+ curtains drawn in the sun to keep the house cool, feet in ice!


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                    Lurking in places that have good air conditioning is helping! Went to the pub for lunch, I chose this particular pub because I know their air-con is the best!
                    It was lovely and cool in Next too, I wanted to lie down in a corner for a bit but they might not have liked that
                    Had to go back to work though and my window gets the sun all day, usually very nice, but not at the moment LOL



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                      Doing as little as possible!! They said the elderly should not do too much!! It really has been very warm today, I did some gardening at 8.30 this morning and it was lovely.


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                        It's all about a positive mental attitude...

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                          We've been doing everything we need to as early in the day as possible before it gets too hot then all the windows are open, the fans are on and we are wearing light and airy clothing... loose cotton t-shirts, etc.

                          Drinking plenty of cold lemonade or water and lots of freezer pops. And when it comes to mealtimes it's been salad and fresh fruit

                          At night we've got the window wide open, the fan on full in the bedroom, the bed clothes strewn across the room and are still too warm!!


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                            Got my feet in that.
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                              Standing in my salon with a hairdryer or tongs in my hand all day!!! big hood dryers going as well, good job we only get the sun for 10 mins at 9 am otherwise the rest of the staff would be dying (they moan enough about being too hot), fortunately for me the heat doesn't bother me at all! LOL. Selina