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honest opinion about a price of a barbeque

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  • honest opinion about a price of a barbeque

    we are having a birthday celebration for my mother in laws 65th birthday
    there will be 28 of us ( 6 of these are children )
    the cost of the whole barbeque is being split between 3 couples ( me and hubby and his 2 brothers and their other halves )
    I've done a bit of rough working out today , I've talked with my brother in law about how much alchohol we need to buy as I haven't a clue
    we have quite a lot of heavy drinkers coming and they all drink different things
    drinkwise we have planned on
    10 bottles of white wine
    6 bottles of red wine
    48 cans of stella
    a smaller box of john smiths
    a smaller box of carling
    half a bottle of vodka
    some alchopops
    some j20's and some soft drinks
    I'm not too bothered about over spending on the drink as we can share whatevers left between us all
    like I say we're having a barbeque and also a chocolate fountain
    we're having banners , balloons, candles
    a birthday cake
    the cost per couple is working out at around £95 ( thats not per couple coming to the barbeque its the cost per brother and other halves )
    it seems a lot of money to me what do you think
    £153 of that is drink !!

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    That sounds very reasonable to me!
    I divided your 95 x 3 by 22 (the number of adults and it works out at just under £13.00/head - food and booze!
    I didn't include the kids as they wont be drinking alcohol and don't usually eat loads - me thinks!
    It's a lot cos there's a lot of you but per person where can you get food and booze for that amount?
    If I was doing it I would certainly tell folk there will be some booze on offer but to BYOB to help keep costs down.

    Have a good one!
    Terry xxx
    You can't have everything. Where would you put it all?" - Steven Wright
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      If you are planning to provide food and drink then I'd have thought around £15 per head (for adults) to be really reasonable... as Terry has said, the kids don't tend to eat much so I wouldn't add on any extra for them.

      I would definitely ask people to bring their own alcohol as otherwise there will always be someone who doesn't like/doesn't drink what's on offer, and also it saves you a little bit of the expense.

      I'd also shop around your local off-licenses, etc to pick up on the best offers rather than just assume that by buying everything in one place it will be cheaper

      Sounds like a fab party you're planning.


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        thanks for replying , you've made me feel much better
        one of my brother in laws has a fantastically paid job and we are talking about fantastic money !! but he's quibbling on every little detail
        whilst we are not rolling in it but want to do something special for my mother in law as shes a very special person
        I posted on another forum and they told me that those costs were outrageous !! which made me think that maybe they were, but it was a money saving website so maybe thats why lol
        we aren't bothered about spending out and not asking people to contribute as thats what we want to do and the left over drink will be split between us at the end
        also we know what everyone drinks so theres no problem there either
        to be honest I'm only interested in the chocolate fountain ha ha ha ah
        I've also started to shop around for the best bargains , I'm very careful with my money lol