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  • Sunday Roast

    Am i the only one who cooks sunday roasts?my son informs me he doesnt like them any more as there is only the two of us now i cant see the point cooking one just for myself,i love roasts made astew for this weekend but i cant see me going without my sunday lunches for two long.

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    Occasionally we do...

    ....but after cooking Sunday roast dinner (never lunch, too early) for 6 of us, and who ever else happens to be here, I'm usually too tired to eat mine. And we won't mention facing the tip that was the kitchen I don't do Sunday roast very often.

    Today we're having sausages & mash, although I'll probably use some of the spuds for roasties, veggies, and yorkshire puddings. Which is virtually a roast dinner, I suppose.

    I love roast lamb, but we can't afford it any more. When I was kid (I'm 40 now) lamb was what we had most sundays, because it was so cheap and my parents could afford it. I spoke to a scottish farmer a few years back and he told me after taking away his costs (feed, vets, slaughterman etc) he got 86p per lamb profit. So supermarkets are raking it in!

    The other week I popped into Tesco's and found four 'Finest' range beef Top sides on reduced, so I grabbed them for the freezer. Turned one into beef in red wine yesterday...yum!

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      My boyfriend and I pretty much always have a sunday roast. There's just the two of us so its not too much trouble. Today we have lamb as a treat. And them lemon meringue for pudding, although all this about pancakes has made me fancy one!
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        Im like you jules sunday roast at home was always lamb or Beef for a treat i dont buy it any more but i do have lamd stew today which smells lovely as i speak have a good sunday all xxx