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Michael Jackson Dead?

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  • Michael Jackson Dead?

    I have seen reports the Michael jackson was taken in to hospital from a heart attack and now Sky seem to be reporting that he died...

    If it's true then that is so sad... i idolised him when i was younger...he was a legend!

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    OMG you are right its all over the news! Cant believe it!
    I have always been a big fan of his music, some of the tracks are genius. I thought he led a very strange life and was probably very misunderstood and trying to live the childhood he never had. He definitely did a few things that were a bit questionnable (the balcony for example) but I think living his life would probably turn anyone a tad loony.
    I think its a sad loss and am a bit shocked to be honest.


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      I know i'm so shocked, he had a tour lined up as well!! RIP
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        It was on the news earlier that he had suffered a heart attack but it has only been confirmed in the last little while that he has passed away...

        Michael Jackson was a very controversial public figure but he was an incredibly talented musician... his music was/is fantastic and there are many tracks that I grew up listening to.

        His private life (which was often broadcast in newspapers) had many questionable events, as said the 'balcony incident' and other accusations we are all familiar with, but nobody can take his talent away from him.

        Nobody will ever know just how much truth there was in the newspaper rumours and accusations over the years and I didn't like him as a person in his later years but the man was a musical legend.

        I am just so shocked that two celebrities that I have grown up with have passed away on the same day.

        R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett, aged 62 years.

        R.I.P. Michael Jackson, aged 50 years.

        It's a sad, sad day


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          Mad as box of monkeys, but a fantastic showman. Thats sad news.

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            I have only just sen this, I love his music as you said very sad but his love of the young life perhaps it was meant to be, tbh I could not imagine him getting old


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              Amazing musician
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                It's so sad and sudden, I grew up listening to his music.
                He's shocked us in death, as he did in life.

                My sister was going to see him at one of his UK concerts aswell, they were about to start in a couple of weeks
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                  I am so shocked, I too grew up listening to his music.

                  Goodbye to a muscial genius.
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                    Iv just heard. Im quite shocked. I just hope he's at peace with himself know.
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                      I heard the news last night before going to bed .....poor man,50 is no age
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                        Very sad!

                        It does seem a tad unreal! He was a strange mix, but his music was excellent!



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                          I usually am bored of the same old songs on the radio and now I'm craving for the occassional song that isn't a Michael Jackson one! I was quite surprised when my hubby told me this morning as it seemed so sudden. One of my colleagues was meant to be off to the O2 to see him as well. She'll be distraught as she's followed him since he was in the Jackson 5.
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                            Very sad news, it was the last thing bit of news I was expecting.It was so sad to see footage of his brother breaking the news to the press.


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                              That is sad news.

                              I can't say I was a big fan, but I can see why so many loved his music as he was a great performer.

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