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just had some good news

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  • just had some good news

    my son had his hours cut at work and there was no sign of promotion etc which is what he desperately wants. He's 20 and I think he felt he was on the scrapheap before he'd even begun,
    I suggested he get in touch with an old manager who he used to get on with which he did , she offered him a small part time job which was no good but within a few days had come back with a better offer, he went for the interview last week and was told they'd be in touch within a week , he heard from them the next day asking for him to along to a second interview, he heard today he's got the job !! at the moment its a side step but with slightly better money and more hours but the prospects look good
    it was so nice to see him looking and sounding enthusiastic again
    he's a hard worker and is very good at his job so I know he'll do well

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    excellent news - well done to him

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      That's terrific news!
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        That's great that he managed to get something else.
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          I am so proud of him
          he has worked his way up from a christmas temp job to section manager at the job he is now in four years
          he is very good at his job and a hard worker so he deserves this
          he will go far , he has a lovely way about him and would make a great manager


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            Great news for your son!!