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  • Makeup

    Do you girls wear much make up? Im not a very girly girl really. While i like my bright colours and the odd bit of mascara (and jewellery of course) i always wear flats and never really wear skirts too often. Im thinking when i get paid this month i am going to buy some new outfits!!

    Do you men care if your woman wear make up or not? (not your woman in a cave men sense lol )
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    ooh i am def a make-up girl! Use make up all the time coudlnt go out without my mascara, lippy and eye make up.......vain I know..... but I tend to feel undressed without it.....its almost like a mask that i hide behind.



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      I think less is more ... with almost everything, especially make up.. a little bit of mascara, moisturised skin with a hint of bronzing powder, dab of natural lipstick... more than enough for me... I cant stand to feel make up, so I love the natural look. ( I would love to go without any make up, but worry I may scare people lol)


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        forgot to say.......I dont do heels either!! I just cannot walk in them, take my hat off to girls who can I have canoes for feet(size 8) so squeezing my housebricks into them is not a good look



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          Originally posted by kazzells View Post
          coudlnt go out without my mascara
          Me too lol, it's the one bit of make up that I do use every day but other than that I don't really bother unless I'm going out somewhere.


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            I think I'm a faux girly girl. I NEVER wear trousers/jeans, I think I own one pair...!! I ALWAYS wear skirts and dresses but in a casual kind of way...! But I can't do heels at all, always with the flats and pumps. And make up all the time, my skin is horrid, all freckly and pale, but I can deal with it when I have a bit of slap on hehe
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              See i have this insane theory that my ex left me for a very girly girl because i am so not a girly girl! Its insane as i know that i am much prettier than her as i have seen photos! Im friends with my ex now (they split up) and we talk about it and he says its nothing to do with that sort of thing.

              Oh and also, i have one skirt that i bought from a charity shop and when i put it on i love it! But i have no top to wear with it so i never have it on!! I think secretly i like skirts but i dont have the confidence to wear them. Im so going to buy skirts and tops when i get paid! Knock the socks off them boys!
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                I have never seen the point of make up that looks like make up.

                If you can tell that a person is wearing make up doesn't that defeat the objective?

                The natural look, without a heavily made up skin looks far better in my opinion.

                Have you ever looked at what goes into most make up???

                You would probably never use it again if you did.

                Heels, being tall, I have never been able to manage, whenever I have put them on, I ususally end up kicking them off and going barefoot.

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                  Wish I could wear skirts and dresses more - bought a few to choose from for a recent wedding I went to and have worn one of the others since but it's hard to find ones that fit it's a pain having to shave your legs all the time

                  Never used to wear heels except on nights out but since I went up to a size 16 I nearly always wear them - tend to be chunky or wedges though as I'd end up with broken ankles otherwise. I think heels make you look slimmer and as I too have sized 8 boat feet the right pair of heels can make them look smaller too.

                  Make-up - I usually wear natural foundation, or tinted moisteriser in this weather plus lip balm and maybe a touch of blusher if I'm looking pasty. Have always felt like I look really strange with loads of slap on and defo think the natural look is best.

                  Oh and if you're gong to change your style change it cos you want to, not cos you think your ex might prefer it!
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                    To be honest I only wear skirts because jeans emphasize my huuuuuuuge behind haha. size 6/8 on top and a size 12 on the bottom I look like a human walking pear, but with a nice waist high skirt and a top tucked in it all evens out the best skirt i ever got and still own is a laura ashley tweed wasit high number from a charity shop, £4! bargain!
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                      I just bought a dress for the first time in years - now just need to summon up the courage to wear it Bought a mini skirt to go with short leggings at the same time too, must have been feeling brave lol.

                      Only wear make-up if I'm going on a night out (though I definitely should wear it every day but there's no way i'm getting up earlier just to put it on). Prefer the natural look when I do wear it though.

                      While my size 8 feet do like heels, I'm so tall I don't need them (it hurts that my husband is half an inch smaller than me )
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                        Well im sort of in between, i have a wardrobe full of skirts, dresses, tops, jeans etc, i also have heels,wedges,pumps,sandals etc
                        Heels look really pretty but kill my feet so i only wear them on a rare occasion, prefer flats or boots with a small kitten heel, Im only 5 2 so would love to wear heels all the time, i like skirts and dresses but i obsess over how i look in them, i too am an 8 up top but have huge child bearing hips and i should have a wide load sticker on my behind lol .
                        Makeup, i like the very bare natural look, only wear it for special occasions i love the smokey eyes look though - but i never can get it right on myself
                        Ive just thought i dont own a single pair of shorts - how sad is that
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                          I wear the occasional bit of liner, lippy and masacra, but not very often. I can ge girly as I love my heels, but tend to wear them more with jeans (I don't like cold legs), though I did put a short skirt on yesterday and then it piffed it down on me while I was out

                          I do make more of an effort if we are going out, and my other half doesn't like make up at all, he sees no need for plastering faces up with muck (as he calls it)

                          I am currently losing the battle with my 14 year old daughter, seeing as school has decided that a small amount of subtle make up is acceptable.

                          I also don't bother with lots of lotions and potions, I wash with soap and water, and if need be, use a baby wipe to remove any make up that I do wear.


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                            I don't mind make up at all, as long as it's not put on with a trowel.
                            Hate that "perfume seller" look lol

                            On the flipside, what do you think of guys wearing nail varnish etc? (in a "metro" way)
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                              Originally posted by Endeva View Post
                              I don't mind make up at all, as long as it's not put on with a trowel.
                              Hate that "perfume seller" look lol

                              On the flipside, what do you think of guys wearing nail varnish etc? (in a "metro" way)

                              I think men look fine with nail varnish..... even a bit of eye liner (not like adam and the ants though) I think you got to have a young hip look to get a way with it, Prince Harry likes to dabble with the nail varnish so all for it!!