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hopefully NOT a fond farewell!

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  • hopefully NOT a fond farewell!

    Blast, we’re having tornadoes and yer basic severe weather – chance of baseball sized hail…I made myself a good-sized margarita, brought in all the dogs (there’s no oxygen left in here – gosh they breathe a lot!!) and I lit candles in every room for when we have the inevitable loss of electricity…we must have 8 flashlights and none have working batteries…

    Everything is shut up, locked up, turned off (except for my computer), and otherwise battened down. All the livestock are in the barn, for what that’s worth. It has just started to rain heavily. There’s lots of lightning but it is still a bit north. Whoa, that was some loud thunder…I have three giant dogs and one little one suddenly trying to get in my lap!

    When I was little we lived in Kansas City and we had the only basement for two blocks…you can imagine how crowded that was!! Must have been at least 30 kids running around screaming and laughing, 10 moms yelling at all the kids, and 10 dads upstairs in the garage drinking and watching the sky…when the dads came down to the basement, we all got quiet and knew it was “happening.” I remember once being under a blanket – hot and stuffy.

    Jeez, this morning my son and I picked 17 pounds of strawberries in the bright sunshine and heat. It’s still hot, even with the storm. Okay, I am now going to start on that margarita, and make a strawberry pie…wish us luck…a tornado touched down about 20 miles north of here a while ago. That doesn’t sound so close, but it is…and the radar shows some nasty stuff heading for us. WHOA yes time to shut down the pooter! SEE YOU LATER!!! ooo yoiks hail!!!

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    bad weather

    Well, that was fun - got a LOT of rain! Had some high winds...we'll see if there's any damage when morning arrives - I am worried about all my sunflowers. I had to get up just now and let all the dogs out, and blow out the remaining candles, now I can't get back to sleep.


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      ohhh wow

      don't you have all the fun,lol, and we moan about a shower of rain !!!!

      glad to hear you're all still in one piece
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        I was reading the first post and worrying about you, so was glad to read the second one - don't suppose anyone was around at that time to respond to your first one. Glad you are OK.


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          Originally posted by cosmic grammie View Post
          Well, that was fun - got a LOT of rain! Had some high winds...we'll see if there's any damage when morning arrives - I am worried about all my sunflowers. I had to get up just now and let all the dogs out, and blow out the remaining candles, now I can't get back to sleep.
          Hope the damage is small or null.... Got my fingers crossed for you!

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            Sounds eventful.... I take it you didn't end up in the land of oz then.
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              I really hope all is well with you! Being such a time difference us UK folk were not awake to wish you well but you sound really organised - well except for the lack of batteries - do get a wind up torch or 2 then you will have 10 torches and 2 that work!

              I was in a tornado once, golf ball size hail so probably minor in comparison to what you were describing, my dogs too abandoned all attempts at being brave and just huddled with me. We didn't suffer damage but several houses did so were very lucky!

              Is this your season of them or a one off?
              Take care!
              Terry xxx
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                What a night for you. How did the livestock fare. Are your sunflowers still standing. Is that it for the time being or are you likely to have more storms in the near future. For once I am glad I live in England.
                God helps them that help themselves.


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                  oh wow hope everything is ok, id actually love to be there, sounds like a right adventure! Just someone saying "when we lived in Kansas and had a basement!"


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                    Wow! What a night! Hope everything is OK this morning and there isn't too much damage!

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                      Gosh - how scary it must be to live with those extremes of weather. In Cumbria we usually get two types of weather, cloudy and wet ( although having said that - its not been too bad here just recently - we've added a bit of sun to the mix too !! ).

                      I really do hope you and all are ok.

                      Nicki. xx
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                        I read the first post and thought OMG.
                        I'm so happy to hear you are still standing. I hope everything else is.
                        Fingers crossed


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                          Sounds like you know the drill - hope you're back with us by now!
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                            I imagine you're probably sound asleep at the moment after all the excitement - guess you'll be checking for damage once morning breaks. Showed hubby your post and he said I should post that locally we had a (ahem) tornado on Sunday along with hail stones very micky mouse in comparison and somehow I think if our storm had hit you in Texas it wouldn't have been making the papers
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                              Gosh, that is so weird. I was one county down from you, Netty, and after one horrendous shower we had sun all day.

                              It's weird how localised these things can be. I don't want to harp on but two weeks ago the Derbyshire hurricane/tornado/whirlwind missed my tent by two feet..........but sent the portaloos spiralling by..... (For those who missed that thread it flattened and smashed tents across from me and took the roof off the stage.)

                              Nothing by comarrison to Cosmic's 'severe weather event' I'm sure.
                              They do things bigger and better in America.

                              Oh gosh. Not a time to joke. This is serious!