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Q re babys changing to real cow milk

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  • Q re babys changing to real cow milk

    Sorry that this is so waaaay away from crafts but to all parents out there a question.
    My neice has just switched to real cows milk, how long can it be used for once the feeding bottles been opened?
    I know the sterlised milk she was on had to be used within 2 hours but are there and rules for unsterilised real cows milk?


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    i do not know proper answer but with my first son regarding real milk I just used from bottle as I needed it and as he was getting older he tended to drink all he wanted in one go rather than going back to it again, therefore once he had had some out of his bottle I tended to bin the rest. If your niece is a grazer rather than a big drinker I would suggest to treat it like baby milk and definitely not keep longer than 2 hours once unrefrigerated.
    My second is 10 months now so will be moving onto proper milk in the not too distant future himself!


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      I would have no idea, my 2 week old is still on breastmilk and will be for some time. I wouldn't keep milk unrefridgerated for more than a couple of hours especially this time of year!
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        I would just treat it as you would your own glass/mug of milk! And I always thought baby milk was 1 hour!
        The good thing about cows milk is that you aren't making it up. You can give them a small amount and if they want more just pour a little more out, no waste!
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          My daughter is a grazer, never had a bottle as was breast fed for a year, so isn't into milk much. we tend to give it to her with her breakfast and it lasts a couple of horus before it goes and then give it to her after dinner and throw what she doesn't drink away at bedtime - she doesn't have more than a beaker full at a time though

          Hope this helps


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            My neice is a guzzler, milk milk milk, thats all she wants.Thanks for the info.I think il suggest to treat it like I would treat milk for me....if it starts to smell or goes green its probably best not to give it to her.


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