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  • Grrr

    I apologise in advance for this rant but I really have to get it off my chest and tell someone.

    Lately nothing has appeal; food and drink doesn’t taste the same so I’ve lost weight, I dread going to work in a morning but once I’m there it’s not so bad, I’ve given up on my appearance – haven’t bought clothes in ages because I haven’t any spare time to wear them so it seems pointless, I can’t remember the last time I had my hair done because I don’t have time, make-up is the last on my list of priorities in a morning.

    Everything I do just seems so pointless and has no appeal. I’m going on a month long road trip in the summer but even though I’m looking forward to it I’m no where near as excited as I should be.

    I can’t be bothered to get my craft stuff out because I know that I’ll only have to tidy it up again and anything I make will just get stuffed in a box because I don’t know who to sell it to and I haven’t got time to be doing fairs or putting it on the internet.

    When I am at work anything I do I somehow I seem to get it wrong, so I get told to do it ‘this’ way, the next day when I do it ‘this’ way I still get it wrong. I’m so fed up of people thinking I’m rubbish and not appreciating the hard work that I do.

    I’m finding life so hard right now, it’s as though I can’t feel anything, it’s so frustrating.

    In general I have a good life, nice family, boyf, friends, nice house, I can afford the things that I want, got a car I just don’t know why I can’t appreciate all this.

    I’m sorry for waffling on I just needed to tell someone how I feel, even though the way I’ve worded it I don’t think really sounds like how I feel, I just feel like screaming I can’t do this anymore! (yikes but not in a suicidal way, I’d never do that!).

    Some days are better than others, but then I have one bad day and it brings me right back down.
    I just hope that this holiday is what I need
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    I had a similar spell this morning, feeling fed up, like you no sales so cannot see the point of making anything. I think the current climate plus the weather are a lot to blame, when the sun is out and warm always feel better.

    On a bright note at least being dull you can be on the forums more and not feel so guilty about it.

    Cheer up and did the rant help? sometimes a problem shared and all that.


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      Thanks, I've been feeling like this for months though, it's seems like all I do i get up go to work, come home, wash my uniform, make tea go to bed to start it all again it's all so repetitive
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        Sending you a PM
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          sending you a virtual hug

          ((((((((((((((((((((((((((( louise)))))))))))))))))))))))

          youv'e been very strong since losing your mum and so positive, it could just be delayed grief
          Grief does have many stages and can last forever
          I know when i lost my daughter i lost all interest in everything including my other kids for a while, but that stage did pass and i found a better way to cope and gradually started to feel more normalish again
          sometimes just writing things down like you have here can be very therapeutic and in a few months it will help to look back on how you felt so you can see how far you have come

          I wish i could help more
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            I think we all go through this at some point, I know I certainly have, but it's very brave of you to put it into words and that is the first stage of overcoming it! Most people hide it (or try to) which just makes matters worse.

            Can you not speak to your Dad about how you feel?

            Thinking of you and giving you ((((hugs)))))
            Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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              Sorry things are a bit bit pants right now....... Have bouts of this myself!

              dont really know what to say to make you feel a bit better but are not on your own!!

              it will pass about doing some research on your trip it may put some fire in your only need a spark to get you going

              thinking of you



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                Thank you for all your replies you've all been very helpful. Thanks for all the hugs, I definately needed them.
                Kazzells you're right, I need something to focus on so I'm gonna google all the place that I will be going to
                MISI -


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                  Where are you off to Louise? been a bit bored with day to day life myself lately. miss the fun side off me.
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                    I'm going to America, starting in Colorado going to Utah, Arizona and the Grand Canyon,Nevada and Las Vegas, California, Disney, Holllywood, LA and loads of other places then we'll be going back to Colorado because we have family there
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                      That's a nice part of the USA! Vegas will make your head spin
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                        Sorry to hear you are feeling low (((((((BIG HUG)))))))
                        It may help to write a list of the things you are bored with/hate/ monotonous and opposite a list of things that are good - boif/friends/ family/ money etc
                        That way you can get a sense of balance.
                        Then I would make a list of things you are looking forward to /wish you had more time to do/ want to achieve and things you can change/improve/avoid.

                        Each journey begins with the first step and you have made that by voicing your concern about letting things slip. Sometimes just being in a slump makes it difficult 'to see the woods for the trees' which is why I advocate taking the emotion out of it and putting it in black and white - perhaps leaving it a few days and then look at what you have written.

                        Now perhaps take some baby steps towards some things you want to be doing/will make you happy eg planning what sounds like a fab trip!!!! I am sooo jealous

                        Perhaps take stock of what is taking up all your time and sapping your energy and happiness will lead you to a better balance or to make the changes you need to feel better. Sometimes they are only mindset changes ie changing the way you view something then changes your respose to it - does that make sense.
                        You have a lot to be happy about it seems, so they key is to identifying what is robbing you of your happiness.HTH xxx

                        Feel free to pm if you want to discuss 'offline'
                        Terry xxx
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                          So sorry to hear you are feeling down at the moment. No matter how perfect life seems we can all feel like this so dont beat yourself up about it.
                          Grief also can linger on and on and affect you when you don't think it does anymore. I lost my wonderful Dad nearly 3 years ago and had a dreadful 18 months afterwards, even now I have very bad days.
                          I think you should concentrate on planning your trip (which sounds so exciting by the way, I am very very jealous). Maybe treat yourself to a new hair do or facial, just might me the thing you need to start to lift your mood.
                          It probably does not seem like it at the moment but there is another side to this mood and you will find the way out of it. It wont last forever so be kind to yourself.
                          Lots of love and hugs


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                            Sorry to hear things are not so great for you right now Louise. I think maybe the trip is a good thing coming up in your life, escape the real world for a bit, not trying to 'do things the right way', not trying to impress anyone and just being yourself. You will find the USA very laid back which could be just what you need, especially if you are off the beaten track a bit, no one judges you and the folks are always friendly and interested in you and the UK. I have driven pretty much all of the places you are going and I can promise you it will be amazing, try and look forward to it. But also relax and try to eacape 'real life'. Hugs, Selina


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                              Louise I hope you don't continue like this for too long. Sending a huge hug. Try to look forward to your holiday. It sounds like quite an epic journey and should be lots of fun!
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