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Dreams come true whether the children?

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  • Dreams come true whether the children?

    I am the head of the club on handicrafts in the orphanage. In our circle, girls engage in different ages and different levels of training. Our children's home called «Marichka». In 104 orphanage children. 45 boys and 59 girls. All the complex fate of the majority of children in an orphanage for many years. Very often, graduates of these shelters are very difficult to adapt to normal life. They do not know very basic things: how to boil an egg, how to pay for travel, utilities ... We try to provide these skills to our children. Our kids are very talented and diligent. But we have a problem - we have not the tools and materials for handicrafts. My students are dreaming to be able to knit from high-quality yarn, have a variety of beads.
    If you can help - send us a message on the website or email our kruzhka.Potomu that in his area had requested many times. Postal address of our house - 86262, Ukraine, Donetsk obl., Shachterskiy r-n., s. Dmitrovka, Street. Sadovaya, 3
    The girls are waiting for your participation.
    Our address [email protected]
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    June 12 at our orphanage held graduation night. Our kids go to an independent, adult life. It is hoped that they will be able to resist many temptations and wrong actions


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      I want to speak to our pupils, Tanya Solovyova, her 14 years. It is very, very talented. Itself creates its projects things, developing a scheme to them. Dreamed of becoming a designer dress. This study only in Grade 6 with children 11 years old. Her parents were not allowed to go to school to Tanya. She began to attend school only in the orphanage at the age of 10 years. Very good school. Love to sew and knit.