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  • Well I've Seen Everything Now!

    Our puddy cat has just wandered over to my glass of Pepsi, put her paw into it and licked her paw, she obviously liked it as she then repeated it a few more times before I told her off!!! She has the most weird taste and we've only found 2 types of cat treats she'll eat but we now can add Pepsi to the list of likes which also includes marmite, cream cheese plus cracker and custard creams - we don't actually feed her these things before you think we're awful owners, she nicks them off our plate when we've finished eating.

    What are the strangest things your pets eat???
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    Both cats get Primula cheese & ham as a thank you for coming home an hour after they're called.


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      Made me laugh this thread.

      Our 16 year old cat Zag will eat anything and like your cat, normally nicks it off the plate, today the hubby caught him licking the chocolate off a digestive on a plate in the lounge.

      His other particular likes include cheese, sausages, bread and, believe it or not, chicken kebabs with chile sauce; all slyly nicked from plates or the bin when we are not looking!

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        strange cat food

        thank god there are other cats which eat the wrong foods. I have two cats Spot ( a ginger tom ) is just a regular cat not into anything unusual but my other cat Luna is on a different planet. Her big love is chocolate and she will do anything to get it. She will even attempt to take it out of your mouth if you are trying to eat some when shes about. She is not too keen on milk choc but look out if you are eating dark chocolate. As she is a diva I dont want to spoil her waistline so don't allow her it very often but it is funny trying to eat chocolate when she is about. I recently had a very old cat who was supposed to have bad hearing, not when it came to opening crisps. That cat could hear a bag being opened half a mile away and would suddenly appear demanding his half. Its amazing how fast he could run into the house from the garden, he also demanded Lasange when we had it as well. God forbid if you didn't give him some, never knew cats could sulk. At least I have one sane cat (food wise that it)


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          Our 2 cats don't really have any mad food cravings but they can both hear the click of a can of tuna being opened from about 3 fields away. The eldest one's supposed to be watching her weight anyway so we can't give her anything too fancy and the other one is usually too stuffed full of Warwickshire wildlife to be after our food.



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            our cat loves pasta, any type and cooked pref without sauce on,lol..the dog with do anything for an apple and goes loopy for a carrot, if i'm chopping carrots she can smell them from the bottom of the garden
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              Mine love cheese, any cold meat, corned beef, crisps, prawn crackers, poppadums, Indian take away, wine JD and cola and Morgans spiced rum and cola.

              They do get a bit of cheese or cold meat if we're making something. The prawn crackers/poppadums are a treat and only a tiny bit. The Indian take away was stolen of our (full) plates, we'd left the room to get other things from the kitchen. The alcohol, they only get to lick one finger dipped in.

              And, they get really grumpy and sulky if they don't get what they want.

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                I used to have a cat who loved Guinness, she would go mad for a drop in a saucer with milk added!

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                  One of my cats loves the squirty cream from a can but hates proper cream or milk. The other one likes orange yoghurt.

                  My mums old cat Tom Puss used to love mince pies including the pastry and christmas cake but only if it had a slice of cheese with it. The other one ET used to love any cake with marzipan and icing on. Sadly both have now passed but both lived to over 18 years so it can't have done them much harm.


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                    i dont have cats but i have 3 dogs and a turtle, the turtle loves boiled chicken (as a treat) and the dogs well jez loves carrots, spaghetti bolognese,crisps,cheese anything really - walking garbage can. Ben likes cereal, and he little one bru loves anything my 2 year old has lol
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                      my dog Fudge loves banana. she even knows when you spell the word oh and tea loves it with sugar. heaven forbid if you forgot the sugar


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                        We used to have a chipmunk who climbed into glasses of Ribena to drink that.... and the dog is fond of milk/cheese, but doesn't get any of that! And apple cores - which make him fart.
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                          lol...Im loving reading this thread!


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                            My brothers cat when she was a kitten used to eat jam donuts (not a full one though!) and now loves eating bits of victoria sponge cake off the boys plates! And she only likes the posh cat treats - none of the cheap nasty stuff!!


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                              We have two cats, Noodles and Merlin. Noodles has always been quite fussy, would eat any kind of cat food or treats but try and give him a piece of ham or cooked meat and he would turn his nose up. Now we live in a bungalow and have fields at the back, he will eat anything, pygmy shews, baby birds, field mice, slow worms, (he cries and drives me made to go out 10pm every night, so is out forraging all night) he always leave me the left overs to find when I open the back door in the morning!

                              Our other cat Merlin, loves marmite on toast! and cheese and bacon rind, preferrably raw (no I don't give him this intentionally, he nicks it from the birds!) oh and feathers!

                              Love this thread by the way!
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