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    Hi Guys

    I ordered something for hubby (not craft-related obviously ) from a website back on the 24th Nov for a xmas pressie. They stated that it was an item not held in stock and usually arrives from their supplier in 10-14 days. Well.....still hasn't arrived, I rang a week before xmas and was given an estimated dispatch date for the end of Dec and then in Jan I was given a date for last week.

    They took half the money as a deposit and in their small print it states that if I cancel the order I lose the money. I'm stupid I know but guess I probably ticked the box to say I agreed with their t&c's.

    Bottom line is I'm fed up and want to cancel and get my money back - I'm hoping the distance selling regs will back me up but does anyone know where I stand legally on all this as when I speak to them I want to know I'm in the right before I get on my high horse and start spouting off?

    Any suggestions anyone?
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    Sorry, I'm the first to shout the odds, but I've got a feeling you'll be writing this one off. If you don't get any help from them don't forget to splash their name everywhere in cyberspace telling people how they behaved!


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      Trading Standards

      They might be able to help.

      If you paid by credit card or even debit card, ask your card issuer or bank for advice.

      Or try threatening the company with solicitors. If it was a very expensive item, a solicitor's letter threatening them with court action might be worth the expense.

      Your local Citizens Advice Bureau might help too!

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