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Pongo has my money!!

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  • Pongo has my money!!

    Iv been looking over my accounts and found that iv had 2 transactions over seas by something called Pongo!! They were both at the end of months (april and may) and both for around £7! I dont remember signing up for anyhting or owt so something has my details. I checked for any DDs from my account but none were set up (well one from paypal who have been taking £2.50 from my account every month! Iv cancelled it!)

    So i called the TSB help line and said iv found dodgy transactions on my statment. They asked me a stupid security question which i got wrong and they then said they cant continue until they send out a pin in the post and i then have to call them back and confirm the pin number!! In that time god knows what can happen. Bloody stupid bank!!
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    Don't you just hate those security questions? There are so many of them - and passwords!!

    Hope you get it sorted soon.
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      well done for going through your accounts, isn't pongo a online games site ??
      I've got my secret questions wrong in the past as well, the worst to get wrong is my secret answer on the online banking thingy...if i'm tired and type it in wrong a couple of times access gets blocked for a while
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