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  • Rant about expenses

    Sorry, I know everyones probably tired of hearing about this, but this is REALLY annoying me!

    Beyond the fact that the MPs have been clearly taking us for a ride, what is really bugging me is the fact that they all seem to be claiming that they didnt break the rules, therefore did nothing wrong. I realise that the rules obviously arent as clearly defined as they should be, but what about the fact that its all so MORALLY WRONG?! Do they actually not realise this?!?!?!?!

    I realise people are going to joke "yea but we know MPs dont have any morals", but on a serious note, surely they cant be completely below morals?

    Sorry for rant, I feel better now!
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    Whilst I understand how frustrating the expenses situation is - I feel that too much media time is being given to this.

    It is the system that is wrong, that allowed these expenses to be signed off, without being checked.

    I am more concerned about the banks/bankers who will not have to pay back their huge bonuses for bringing the country to it's heels.

    If all the MPs paid back their "immoral" expense claims - the amounts would be peanuts - in the great scheme of things.

    If all bank bonuses over the last few years were paid back - that would be worthwhile.

    Just my thoughts.

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      I think the point is that even if the rule is there they're supposed to be there for US at the end of the day so should know better than to do something just because they can... It really annoys me too.
      The amount of back handers they do is unbelievable, i used to work for a local MP and once in the office alone me and my colleague did some 'filing' turned out that the senior office administrator (who was a local councellor) had been on the same wage as us... But getting £2000 tax free 'bonuses' every month... its so wrong.
      On a lighter note though.. Do you think if the ones being prosecuted go to prison they'll claim their cell as a 'second home'... ;}
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        my friends daughter was our local MP's PA, she earned 18000, there was one other staff on the same and the rest were volunteers, yet he claimed near on the full amount for local office staff of 90k..

        I dont think you can compare it with bankers, we know they are not moral people, I do think MP's should have at least some, it seemed to be make sure you claim your full amount no matter what it was for.

        They should build an apartment block like student accomodation and give any MP who is not a London MP a room in it and thats their lot and if they want a second home then fecking well pay for it!