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    I mentioned somewhere on here about the pains i was having in my chest and back about a month ago, when i found out i had a collapsed lung. I was told that my lung was healing and was returning to the hospital for regular xrays to keep an eye on it. However... i ended up going to A & E last monday with loads of increased pain, and found out that my lung had collapsed alot more. so here i am, a week and a half later lying in Glenfield hospital in Leicester, after an operation yesterday where i had my lung stuck down permanently to my chest wall to stop it collapsing. I was initially in Northampton hospital, and had a needle and seringe in my chest, as well as a chest drain with local anasthetic for days to suck out the trapped air. Neither of the procedures worked so the only other option was to have the op. The past 10 days have been the scariest of my life! I still cant believe how brave ive been cos im such a wimp, but im so relieved and proud of myself for getting through it, no matter how silly that sounds. I still have a tube coming out of my back which is draining everything out and its very painful, ive got a button to press whenever i want morphene to go in my drip! The drain is coming out in a couple of days and in the meantime im on the road to recovery... Just found out i could go on the internet so this is obviously the first place i came! I've missed you all!! Sorry for so much text with no pararaphs, the enter button doesnt work on this tiny hospital keyboard! But its still good to be back

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    Oh gosh you poor thing! That sounds so painful and terrifying but well done for getting through it all! I can't go one day without coming onto the forum now! I do hope you get better soon xx
    ReganLottie x

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      Blimey sounds like you've been through the mill a bit!

      Take care of yourself and keep pressing that morphine button it's good stuff lol!


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        Oh goodness, sounds as if you've been through the mill.
        Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon.


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          oh dear, oh dear, you are the third person today on the forum that I have read bad news from. You are all in a bad way but lets just hope (and I do) that you will all soon be on the road to recovery.

          Hope you will be able to get back home soon. I know from hospital stays and ops that recovery is better when at home!

          Best wishes to you xxx
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            Sorry to hear you've been going through the mill. I do hope that everything is sorted now and you are on the road to recovery, and that it won't be long before you are up and about again.



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              Oh MY goodness!! you have been through the mill.....keep pressing that morphine button!

              You are in the best place so take all the time to recover properly

              take care and (((hugs)))



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                All I can say is Thank Goodness you are in the Glenfield and not in a Northampton hospital!!!!!

                The Glenfield is a centre of excellence when it comes to Heart and Lungs!!!

                Hope you are feeling better soon and making your lovely ceramics again soon.

                Take care and do as you are told

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                  Like your positive attitude! Hope you get well soon.


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                    Jane - I was in Northampton General all last week, and noticed such a big difference at Glenfield instantly! Lets just say this place put my mind at rest but i wont say what i think about Northampton. I've been worried that i wont be out in time for my craft far at Castle Ashby at the end of the month... fingers crossed. They've taken the morphene away now! So i dont get addicted. I'd had 80ml between last night and this afternoon. Didnt realise how much it must have been working, im in a lot of pain now! Thanks for all of your comments


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                      Oooh, Hun, hope you start to feel better soon!
                      Collapsed lung is surprisingly common and once treated you should be fine. You are definitely in the best place! xx
                      Cathy xx
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                        Oh no! Hope you feel better soon (be thankful you're not in Scarborough Hospital - definitely no internet for patients there!). Sending you lots of hugs and get well wishes for a speedy recovery x
                        Lorna x

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                          Glenfield Hospital - know it well, never a patient, always a visitor thank goodness. I agree with the others Charlotte, you are in the best place. You sound fairly cheerful now which is good news. Just rest and let them do their work and you will be home before you know it. (I hope). We will keep thinking of you.
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                            I'm really glad things are going well for you, hope you're home soon
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                              Oh that must have been really scary darl. So glad the worst is over for you. You have been really brave never mind your not usually. You take all the rest you need to make a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you darl xxx

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