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Shock of my life.

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  • Shock of my life.

    I havent been posting much lately friends. I had found a breast lump at Easter which I promptly went to the doctor about. He thought it was an infection and gave me a course of Antibiotics. Booked me into the breast clinic as a precaution.
    Well the lump never went, so off I went to breast clinic for a mammogram and ultrasound. They took biopsy's from my breast and from under my arm.
    The outcome is I have the dreaded Cancer AHHH!!!!!
    I need a mastectomy on 1st of June. I am going to meet the team of medics etc tomorrow to see if they want to try and shrink it first or go ahead with just the mastectomy.
    I was gutted to say the least. My Grandchild is due 28th and daughter is being induced that date. So looks like I will have 2 days to grab a few cuddles of baby before I have op.
    Sorry for being long winded but thought I better let you know why i have been missing. wish me luck tomorrow friends. I need all the luck I can get LOL xxx

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    sending you all the luck in the world and more
    go kick that cancer's a**



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      What a complete shock for you at least you've got something positive in the ickle baby hugs to look forward to before the op. Wishing you lots and lots of luck and hugs
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        Oh wow, you are being very positive which is great! Good luck with it all!
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          Wishing you loads and loads of luck, your mind must be in one turmoil. I had a scare 3 years ago and 8 weeks of waiting before I knew I was ok, so I can well imagine how you are feeling. Fingers crossed for you and wishing you a positive outcome xx


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            I hope all goes well hon, a big hug from me. xx
            Dee x
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              You will be in my prayers - thankfully you have discovered this in it's early stages - a new baby to think of will help keep spirits high.

              Keep positive

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                So sorry about your news.. how are you going? Stay positive it really makes all the difference to recovery, my cousin is coming through the other side after breast cancer, she has been amazing so positive, she's 27!

                Thinking of you sending you bright happy sunshine thoughts.

                love. x

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                  lots of love & prayers - kick it into touch!
                  Nic xx
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                    Thinking of you and wishing you lots and lots of luck and love. We're always here if you need support xx
                    Lorna x

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                      I will be thinking of you through this all. Lots of hugs from me xxxx
                      ReganLottie x

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                        Sending you lots of positive thoughts.
                        Will be thinking about you tomorrow (hugs ) xx


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                          ((hugs)) from me too. Stay strong! x x


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                            cuddle your grandchild extra tight and then go kick the cancers seem very positive but on the inside you must be screaming

                            thinking of you , keep strong
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                              Sending you my best wishes. You sound very positive which is the best way to deal with these situations.

                              Baby is bound to take your mind off things aswell - Congratulations by the way.

                              Take care