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Weekend here again

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  • Weekend here again

    This week as flown by for me not much planned for this one just visiting my mum what have you all got planned.

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    Going away to the Lake District on Monday so washing, ironing and sorting for that!!
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      I am so glad its Firday.

      My boyfriend is home this weekend (hes away training at the moment to be a fireman), so I am spending tonight and tomorrow with him.

      Then Saturday night I am meeting up with the girls for a drink.

      And Sunday, I am designing stuff for the new collection.
      A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery


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        Just been looking on your site love your keyrings.


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          Originally posted by mollymandy View Post
          Just been looking on your site love your keyrings.
          Thank you very much :-)
          A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery


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            I'll probably be doing some household chores and plan to have 1 day doing something fun, but don't know what yet. I'll see what ideas hubby comes up with.
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              Nothing Planned....

              My youngest is home from school poorly - I think he's got my tonsilitis. If nothing else, I am generous with all I have.....

              I must, I really really must, do some sewing. Got handsewing to do now that the poorly trembles have gone.....can't sew when I'm ill.

              Got laundry bags or utility drawstring bags in the same style as my other things going around inside my head.....might have to fiddle with those, see what I can come up with....

              Hope everyone has a good one...please can i come to the Lake District? Last break we had was back in July, took my parents (in their early seventies!) too, first time camping in 37 years for them. It was really hot, really peaceful and relaxing. Can't wait to go again in the Summer. It was also my 40th birthday, which I had been dreading, but it was the best birthday ever...

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                This weekend I hope to get out from behind this computer for while. All week I have been glued to the thing working and I am worked out!!

                I am hoping to see my friend who has a baby (so doesn't get out as much now) tonight and then hopefully my OH will take me out to dinner somewhere nice tomorrow night. I can hope can't I!!
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                  ................think I'll go and make a cup of tea............


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                    Hope every ones well not so cold here thank goodness not doing much this weekend nice doing nothing sometimes.