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  • Nothing to do with crafts but can you help

    Does anyone know the laws on work and fag breaks i work in a pub and the other girl i work with smokes and goes for fag breaks a lot i dont get any breaks. So i just wanted to know what the laws are on how many she can have we only work 5 hours a shift

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    Have a look at the ACAS website as they advise on employment law or perhaps check with CAB.


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      I think it is managers descretion, we have smokers at work and they are supposed to sign in and out when they go for a fag. that way they are doing it in their own time. I don't think there is a law that says they cant just company policy. but please check it out, dont take my word for it. You should at least get a 15 min break for 5 hours.
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        There are some interesting comments here.
        It seems as though it depends on what your contract says.

        Although I was a smoker when I was at work many years ago I never smoked at work ( it doesn't go well with banking) and only had the normal lunch hour.
        I would certainly not expect to have smoking breaks if I was working now and it does seem very unfair for the non-smokers.
        I wonder if they should allow you 'chocolate breaks'



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          there are no laws on smoking breaks but i'm sure on a 5 hr shift you are entitled to a break.
          tell her for every fag break she has you will have a fresh air/loo break, bet she cuts down when you start disappearing
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            Originally posted by silvermaid View Post

            I wonder if they should allow you 'chocolate breaks'

            Or 'vodka breaks' I do sometimes wish I smoked, just to be able to escape for five mins! When my friend worked in a high security mental health unit, they wernt allowed of site to smoke, even on theyre breaks, so they were all provided with free nicoteine (spell?) gum! Aparently it tastes rank, but its free, so maybe suggest that to your boss, he could just keep some behind the bar!
            good luck hope it gets sorted for you xxx
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              Where I work, we get one 15 minute break in a 4 hour shift, and then it goes up to a 20 minute break on a 6 hour shift. That's probably just with my workplace though.

              Legally though, you're only entitled to a break after you've worked 3 hours.
              Same as you though, I work with people that go out for fags when they're not supposed to, and it does feel very unfair to us non-smokers. What gets me is that they sometimes do it with only 15/20 minutes of their shift left? They really can't wait?
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                Im not worried about her having the breaks it was just tjhat there where 2 people in the other day one was saying its ok for her too have the break and the other was saying its not allowed. She does go once every hour but like i said in not worried she does it i just wanted too know which of the 2 guys was right lol

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                  me and my work mate don't smoke but others do , we've often said we should be entitled to a chocolate break
                  its only fair isn't it lol