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  • Been mia - sorry... :(

    Hi all,

    I've been somewhat missing in action lately, and just want to say sorry. I know I've probably missed a lot in here.

    I've just lost my mojo. I still want to craft. I still want to create things and be a part of things. I still want to, but can't seem to bring myself to do anything much. Having a lot on my mind probably doesn't help matters, and being tired is right up there too. It's also a little depressing that nothing has sold lately at all, no matter how much people say they like my pieces. Little disheartening.

    Maybe I just need a break from work which is doing my head in right now. Try a different craft. Do something unusual. I don't know what it is, but something's not fitting right at the moment. I've had depression before, and I admit to being a little concerned that it's trying to rear it's ugly head again... but dismissing that in seconds. I won't go down that road again.

    I'm around and I still want to be a part of things. Please just bear with me.

    Love ya guys.
    Rach x

    Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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    Hi .
    Nice to see you back on here, im sure the mojo will come back sometimes we all need time out. get some , and trying something new is always great fun.
    Keep your chin up - hopefully sales are just around the corner
    * Julie *

    If you clicked the scales to add rep points then thankyou very much



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      I think it must be the season for feeling a little low, strung out and in need of some inspiration. I've spoken to a few people who feel like that lately, including myself.

      Do you really fancy trying a new craft? What would you try... just thinking of all the new crafts out there gets me excited!!

      Hope you start feeling happier soon



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        We all need a bit of a rest away from things to recharge our batteries. A couple of days time for yourself, bubble bath, soak your feet, fluffy pjs and your favorite film...perhaps a tipple or two...really is worth it. I have a look on Joanna Sheen's or the Glittergirls galleries (cards) just to buck me up and make me smile so maybe just a look at other peoples work or books of artwork will help give you some inspiration to start again. Big hug :-)
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          Chin up, hope you're feeling better soon.

          Helena xx


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            I've had a break from work stuff for a wee while. I am using the time to recharge my batteries, relax, and have spent today sewing 10 new cushion pads for the kitchen chairs, and two new peg bags (think I'll give one to my mum) Sewing is very different to what I normally do, and thanks to having a root around the house, I have reused a couple of old quilts, some fabric and have some lovely new things to brighten my home that didn't cost anything!

            I think it helps to take a break and try something new, or go back to something you haven't done for a wee while. When you do go back to what you normally do, you feel refreshed and sometimes get some new inspiration.

            Hope you feel better soon!
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              I've not been too well these past few weeks, I have been off work after collapsing there and being rushed to hospital. I am still under going tests as nothing has come to light, I have to go for another brain scan and further tests. I have had a complete rest and packed my beads away, maybe I have been doing too much, but I am not the type of person to just sit around, I always feel that I should be doing something and not relaxing. I got some beads out at the weekend, some what I bought from a bead fair a month ago, and I have been enjoying making again. My friend is having a jewellery party for me sometime in June, so I am starting to make some new pieces for that. What I am trying to say is have a little break for a week or two, or a month like I have, then slowly start back again. If you feel like the depression is coming back, nip it in the bud now, don't delay, go and see your doctor, before it really drags you down.

              Take care Rachel, we are all here for you xx



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                Sorry to hear that your feeling a bit out of sorts. When I am feeling like that I get onto the herbal stuff like St Johns Wort or the one I am on just now its called DHEA you can get it from places like Healthy Direct. I certainly feel a lot better on it.
                I love your bookmarks...I just wish I had the time to read!
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                  Have been there with the depression and stress caused by work thing and it really brings you down. Stopped me crafting for months at the time. I lost 4 stone in 6 months and was really getting in a bad way. Have told myself will never get like that ever again and would go straight to doctor as soon as you start to feel it could be looming coz nothing work related is worth it. Incidentally what got me out of it was the fact that I became pregnant with my first son (now 3) and saw that the situation could not continue as it was once he came along (bit extreme as a solution perhaps!!! ) I left that job and went somewhere else after maternity leave ended and put all the weight back on again boo!
                  I often sit with loads of craft stuff out and get nothing done when mojo disappears. Sometimes I find a look in a magazine can help with inspiration or watching one of the craft hours on the TV and using some of their ideas.
                  Keep your chin up it will pass again and you will be looking back on it as a time in your life that came and went. My Mum said to me even the longest day has to end and she is right even when it all seems a bit hopeless tomorrow will start a new day which has the potential to be better X X


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                    I can agree with what everyone else has said. I've been really disheartened by the response at craft fairs, so I've decided to knock them on the head for the next couple of months - I thought that would be the end of my card-making, but recently I've had load of orders from friends and family which has renewed my confidence in what I'm doing.

                    Like other people have said: take a bit of time off, get inspiration formbooks and magazines and when you least expect it, your creative juices will start flowing again.

                    Also, if you think your depression might be returning, get it checked out. Surely it's better for the doc to put your mind at rest, than to wait until things get worse?

                    Sally x
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                      Aw Rachel sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good.

                      I agree with what others have said, give yourself some treats and some "me" time.

                      What I do when I'm feeling crabby put my coat on and go for a walk, let the wind blow your hair about let the rain rinse you or even better let the sun warm your bones.

                      Hope you're feeling better soon


                      Chris xx
                      I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.



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                        Thank you so much to everyone who's replied. I can't thank you enough really, it's brought back some faith in the human race.

                        I know a lot of people go through the same thing, but it doesn't make it any easier when it's you. I know the signs of depression, and I'm not overly concerned at the moment. I'll know when I need to see someone, which hopefully wont' happen.

                        I think it's a bunch of things happening at the same time that's really affected me. Family things, work things, business things (or the lack of really), personal things.. they've just got to a certain point, you know? But I'm the sort of person who just can't sit still, and right now it's sometimes for the better. If I sit still for too long, I tend to think too much, and that's a bad thing.

                        As for trying a new craft, I've had a fiddle with card making, but not really got anywhere. I don't have a lot of supplies at the moment, so maybe once I get a little more I'll try again. Where I work, I know the price of some of the so called 'hand made' cards, and it's extortionate! I know I could do it cheaper. But, if I can't get motivated with that, I might try something else.

                        I have gone back to something I did for a few years, and stopped months and months ago when I lost my inspiration for it, and got into jewellery. I'll probably post a pic in here, but it's not really crafting. Actually, I don't know... it might be classed as modern crafting. *shrug* 3d art on the computer is something I loved doing, and hated when my inspiration left me. The other thing I hate is that my pc system isn't great enough to do large images with great quality. I've never tried printing any of the images I've done, but I don't think they'd be amazing quality.

                        Anyway, just an update from me. Nothing huge has happened, but I'm not feeling totally depressed either... although that could have something to do with the fact that I'm not at work today. Soul destroying is the only way to describe it.

                        Thanks for the replies guys. SO nice, and very much appreciated. It's good ot know there are people out there that take the time to care about people they don't really know.

                        Rach x

                        Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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                          You are doing the right thing Rachel and that is - talking to us. Just keep talking it really is the best therapy.
                          God helps them that help themselves.


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                            Hang in there Rach, the sun will definitely shine again, I promise you xx



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                              Hi Rachel,

                              As so many people have already said, I can completely understand where you are coming from.

                              I have been through depression myself, on and off for almost ten years and there are days when it is such an effort to even drag yourself out of bed, knowing that you need to go to work and face "those people in that place" and when you feel like that then it's no surprise that your creativity suffers.

                              When you add work pressure to family, personal and general life issues then it's only going to be a matter of time before we each hit rock bottom and feel like there is no point in what we're doing BUT this phase will pass and soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and things will start to look up for you.

                              Often my crafting suffers when I feel low and my mojo goes and I feel like I can't do anything right so I can't see the point in trying, but sooner or later I sort myself out and manage to get my motivation back and carry on.

                              Even if it means taking a complete break from crafting for a few days or few weeks then I'm sure you'll get back to it in time, just don't try to rush yourself. Relax, pamper yourself and tell yourself that you deserve some time to yourself and then hopefully everything else will come into place for you.

                              Sending you lots of *hugs* and hope you feel better soon.

                              (sorry to ramble!!!)