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moral dilemma, what would you do??

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  • moral dilemma, what would you do??

    I just checked online banking and I've been paid twice. Not a small amount but a few thousand.

    Would you own up? its their mistake. Now its in my account its my money surely. Ooh I dont know, what would you do?

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    no it aint. many years ago I was over paid £500 by my workplace I had to pay it back.
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      No dilemma! Tell the customer/payee and sort out getting their money back to them . . you would want them to do the same for you if it were the other way around.

      How are you gonna feel when they finally find out what has happened and come back to you and ask for it back . . with them knowing all along that you could have returned it as soon as you noticed it. If they are a customer they probably won't trade with you again . . if they are your employer then their opinion of you as an employee will be greatly diminished.

      There is also the possibility that keeping the money and not telling is actually theft . . and there's always the risk that the customer/payee could do something about it legally. If they are your employer then you may be in breach of your terms of contract by not telling and returning the money, and you could end up with a disciplinary or simply just being dismissed for being dishonest.
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        If ut's your employer they have a legal right to just stop it out of your next pay cheque or 2, they have to notify you they have noticed and are doing it but nothing you can do about it. Better to tell them now and keep their trust then have your pay stopped next month.
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          No question... notify them straight away and pay it back!
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            Definitely agree that honesty is the best policy when it comes to money. Come clean - you'll gain respect for it.

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              Although it would be lovely, and rather nice seeing the extra cash on the statement, its not worth it, they could just take it out anyway, or they can claim the interest whilst it was sat in your account, (i used to work in a bank)(seen this happen) best sorting it as soon as possible, it may just be a blip in the system, and could be taken out just as quick as it was put in. Have to agree Honesty is the best policy.
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                No brainer...notify them, it isn't yours to keep.
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                  I was overpaid slightly over the course of nearly a year resulting in over a thousand pounds of overpayment. I honestly hadn't noticed, well I lie, I had noticed, but as it happened for the 1st time in april's pay I just assumed it was a pay rise... it wasn't. I was no longer working for them when they realised what had happened and was totally skint, I had to pay it back in full but because it had been their fault they had legally to be reasonably in the time scale within which I had to pay it back. I was furious with them for not realising and bringing it to my attention sooner. They were very apologetic. I was tempted to give it back all in one go in 1p pieces to make em count it ...wish i had. I dunno if i'd give it back, it's easy to say be honest but it's up to you. I would definately keep the money to one side for a very long time if you do decide to see if they notice so you don't end up like I did. Would I have given it back if i'd noticed ...i honestly don't know ...I hated their guts! They treated me and all their employees like utter crap.
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                    If the overpayment is from a customer or your employer, pay it back immediately.

                    If however it is a bank error, stick the money in one of their high interest (joke?) savings account and forget about it.

                    This happened to me once, the bank made the error, I put the money in one of their ISAs - 2 years later the bank noticed and asked for their money back - I paid them and kept the interest accumulated tax free- but that was in the days when the interest was worth having

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                      This happened to some of my colleagues at work once when I was their Union Rep so I did a bit of research into it. My understanding is that you aren't under any legal obligation to notify them that they've overpaid you but it's not your money until they say it is...but it's certainly NOT theft - you didn't TAKE it, they 'gave' it to you.

                      If you 'reasonably' couldn't be expected to know they had overpaid you (and clearly you did know) and you spent the are not obliged to pay it back.

                      If, having spent it, it would put you in some financial hardship to pay it back all at once, then your employer MUST accept a reasonable offer of repayment...they CANNOT stop your next wage (that is breach of contract on their part)...and they cannot demand that the bank repays it out of your account...



                      If you are in a Union it's worth asking your rep for some advice but it might be easier just to give it back sraight away and forget it ever happened....
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                        Tell them, it's not yours and it will get you moral bonus points
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                          I agree with for the most part, it would be "honest" to declare the overpayment, but there is no obligation to do so. Whether you do or not, the money is not yours and you are not entitled to spend it sadly.. though in principle you can "put it to use" as Jane suggested by investing it (a bit of a pointless act given current interest rates, unless you take a punt on premium bonds!).

                          You could also argue that you were unaware of the overpayment, and request "reasonable" terms to repay it when they do come to notice, though that's unlikely to be £10 a month!

                 also mentioned long term overpayments, where if you are reasonably and legitimately unaware, and the overpayment has materially affected your lifestyle.. indeed you can argue for the money to be exempt from repayment, but then you have the "legal" issue of proving you "reasonably" didn't notice.. and lets face it, thats catch 22.. how do you prove you are so negligent you dont notice a large overpayment every month.. and if it is a small and unnoticeable payment, how could it be classed as "materially" affecting you!


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                            While I would be tempted to spend, I think it's wisest to inform them.

                            There was a report on the news last week about a woman who found a lottery ticket on the floor of a shop, discovered it was a winner and cashed it. She's now being charged with fraud and theft. Whereas if she had been honest and reported it as lost, she could have gotte the money legally if the other person didn't claim it.

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                              I too have been overpayed by my employer in the past..........and had to pay it back, its tempting i know but.... honesty is the best policy!!! and buy informing them first, will make you the better person