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  • Orangutan Foundation fund-raising

    If I'm not allowed to post things like this, please let me know and I apologise.

    I'm raising some money for the Orangutan Foundation. If I get enough money donations I will dye my hair bright orange. I'm looking for briiiiight orange, not some subtle ginger colour, so I will stick out, especially when I'll be wearing bright orange clothes including nail polish, and having toy orangutans attached to my bag.

    If you would like to sponsor me or would like more information, please visit my Justgiving page at:

    At the time of typing I only have £22.50 more to collect until I reach my target, so I am very close. If you donate some money you can be mentioned on my orangutan conservation website Thank you page, just donate your money and then send me an email to my email address mentioned in pale yellow in the "about me" link below, saying what you want to be known as on the Thanks page:

    Thank you very much,
    From Jo