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What do you have planned 4 this wkend

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  • What do you have planned 4 this wkend

    Weekend here again what have you planned im not up to much see what weather is up to ,grandparents comming sunday for dinner not much else.

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    HI From the replies,it looks like not much is happening this weekend.

    For my part, I have just made a wooden rack to hold all the quilting rulers, which my better half has collected. She is a fanatical quilter,has stuff all over the house and can never find anything.

    Its a rectangular piece of wood with a series of grooves, in which the rulers sit vertically, making it easy to see them, and even easier to pick out and use at will. This weekend I will be finishing it off by sanding it smooth, and giving it a coat of varnish.

    The next project will be to make another one,but with one or two draws underneath, to hold all the various templates collected over the years



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      Sounds like you are going to have fun Jabby! I'm planning on making more plastic jewellery to get ready for my etsy shop opening in Feb!! Well hopefully anyway! Hoping for some decent weather so that I can take photo's of the stuff I've already made.
      Hope everyone else has fun
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        Good morning everyone
        I am visiting the local art supplies shop today to by display boards so I can start preparing the displays of my papers ready for the Exhibition at the NEC in Feb. I am also having an afternoon with my resident techie designing new pages for my website. I will say what I want, he will tell me why I can't have it..thats usually how it goes!! Then with whatever time is left I will get my head down designing more papers for my new CD. I know it's all work but..I love it so thats fun for me!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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          Well I'm doing my accounts today....which is why I'm busy posting messages on here

          It's so boring and I hate paperwork and I'll be so glad when they're finished and i wish i was doing something a bit more exciting.
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            Just think of how pleased you will be when it is all done Natty! Hope you got it done today I've done no crafting today but my house is looking tidier and we had a nice play this afternoon with some friends of Anya's.
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